Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer Bucket List-Update

Here we are at August 28th. The summer is almost over.
Although to me, it's not officially over until after Labor day.
Am I right?? 

Reflecting back, it has been a great summer. The weather was good,
not as many hot and humid days as last summer. I call that a good summer
 just on that fact. And well, time files when you having fun.

I thought it would be fun to go over my bucket list
to see what I did and didn't do this summer.

1) go strawberry picking.
First item, fail.

2) take a day trip to Portsmouth, NH.
Another fail.

3) eat at Boston Chops
DONE- so yummie.
I highly recommend it.

4) get lost at the Museum of Fine Arts. 
Yeah, look at that, another fail.
 I hope to go one weekend soon.

5) play mini golf, even though I'm terrible at it.
Done-I lost. I always lose.
As the loser, I always have to buy the ice cream
afterwards. How wrong is that?

6) trip to Nantucket
As you are reading this, I'm on the island.
Will be doing a post all about it.

7) drive down to Providencetown via Old King's Highway (Route 6A).
Hoping to do this, this weekend.

8) visit Thomas Dexter's Grist Mill in Sandwich, MA.
Nope, another fail.

9) visit the Franklin Park Zoo.
Oh, no, yet another fail.

10) visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Oh my, another fail

11) Shop the Boston Farmer's Market.
Done, so happy that it now open
year round. 

12) spend a few days at the Beach.

Finally made it to the beach this month
and didn't get to spend nearly as much time
as I had hoped.

13) Visit Yankee Candle in Deerfield, MA
Done, See this post.

14) Visit the Norman Rockwell Museum. 
Oh goodness me, another fail.

15) day trip to Rockport, MA.

16) Paint a picture at The Paint Bar.
Done, blogged about here.

All in all, I felt like I did alot but therewere a few things 
that I didn't get to do it.Ok, maybe more than a few things.
I'm a failure. hahaha

However, I had a wonderful summer and sad to see it end.

I'm gonna work on my fall bucket list adding some of the places
 I failed to visit this summer. Hopefully, I will be more successful
this fall. 

How did you do on your summer bucket list??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!
Best, Marie

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  1. You did pretty well! I have totally failed my bucket list and it only had like 5 things. I'll have to squeeze some stuff in over the next couple weeks.

    xo, Carly - soak and simmer

  2. I believe fall isn't until towards the end of September so technically you have another month! But you still did a lot of fun stuff! I hope you are having a fantastic time!

  3. You still got to see a lot, hopefully you can cross a few more off in the fall. I'm sure it will be prettier too.

  4. I love this idea! And you got a lot done. I may have to attempt this idea myself!Trish - tales from trish

  5. I think I will force my friends to do this next summer so we don't lose time ;)

    Natalia | Lindifique

  6. i say summer is still happening until it FEELS like fall so you still have time for some of those! love seeing the recap - i need to do the same!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  7. You got a lot of items checked off! We still have a few weeks of summer, so live it up!

  8. You can still visit museums in the non summer months! I feel like I'm always so ambitious at the start of the summer, and then by the end I realize I never did half the things i planned!

  9. I completely agree, it's not over until after Labor Day! And a lot of the things you didn't get a chance to do you can totally do in fall. Overall, you did well!

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