Monday, August 3, 2015

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Provincetown, Massachusetts

For Fourth of July, JenniSixx and I 
decided to take the ferry to Provincetown  (P-town) for the day.

Having done the three plus hour drive before, 
we felt that it would be better to take the ferry.

Taking the ferry was awesome.
It was clean, air-conditioned, and has free wifi.
The staff was also super friendly and helpful.

The only down side was that it was packed on the boat.
So much in fact, that people were sitting on the floor 
as there were not enough seats inside for people.
It was way too cold to sit outside.

We spent the day walking around town, going in and out of the stores.
It was cloudy and on the cool side while we were there.
However, we did sit by the water for a bit and enjoyed watching
all the boats go by. It's a great place to sit and people watch.

 P-town is filled with many shops, restaurants, and galleries. 
It really is a great place to visit. Seeing as the town is tiny,
it makes for a perfect day trip.

The drive from Boston is a little over three hours and that is without traffic.
Do yourself a favor and take the ferry
It was well worth the ticket price.

What your favorite towns to visit for the day??
Let me know, I love hearing from you.
Best, Marie 

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  1. It's definitely on my list of places to visit - sorry to hear the weather wasn't as great as you would have liked, but then again i know you hate when it's super hot :) xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. ah i love a good ferry ride. what a cute town! and perfection for the holiday as, in my mind, i picture all things new england as the perfect setting for the holiday :)

  3. such a classic slice of americana! i love it! thanks for sharing these pics and your memories with us!

  4. You always find such quaint little towns to visit! Sorry it was chilly, but must have been a nice break from the heat!

  5. That looks like such a cute place!

  6. What a fun place to be for the 4th. We were in breckenridge and small town USA really does the 4th well! :)

  7. I've never been to P-Town but I definitely need to check it out sometime! I usually go to Mashpee or Falmouth when I go to the cape since we have friends with family houses there. I love the cape!

  8. Sounds like an adorable town and a great trip despite the chilly weather! If you're like me when you go to new fun little town you can make it a blast no matter what the weather is! Hope your Monday is off to a terrific start!

  9. Great pictures! The town is so colorful! I've always wanted to visit, but when we were in Boston last May we only drove to Falmouth. It was too cold (and dead) to attempt any father. I'll definitely keep the ferry in mind.

  10. Looks like a great town! We've done a couple day trips down to Savannah; it's only 2 hours and can be a fun little getaway.

  11. That sounds like a fun day trip! Bummer the boat didn't have enough room for people to sit!

  12. What a fun day trip!!! I love the look of all those looks like a fun place to visit :)

  13. So much fun! I've never taken the Provincetown ferry before, I'd assume it would beat the traffic any day! Looks like a great day trip :-D

  14. I love P town!!! Totally one of my favorite places to visit in the Summers up there. Love your wheres Waldo bag edition ;-)

  15. Oh this looks so charming reminds me of Fire Island my friend Angela the one in the DUMBO post, visits there every summer, her uncle lives there. When I lived in Seattle I went to the San Juan Islands a few times and took the ferry (4 hours) it is so gorgeous up there truly mind blowing.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  16. This looks like the most darling little town to explore!

  17. This looks so gorgeous! I want to go to a coastal New England town!

  18. This is precious! I love how the town is decorated for the 4th! xo

  19. I was looking for something like this…I found it quiet interesting, hopefully, you will keep posting such blogs….Keep sharing .



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