Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Confessions by JenniSixx

Hey All,
JenniSixx here, 
posting my confessions.

...that I wish i was a traffic cop.
I would give out tickets to every single driver I 
see talking on the phone. Get off the phone
and drive!! 

...that I always can tell when a driver is on the phone,
they drive all over the place.

...that I love the beach but at the same time
really hate the heat and humidity.

....that perhaps I really am more of a winter person.
It could be because I was born in December.

...that I'm super picky when it comes to shoes.
All I want is comfortable black flats and 
cannot find a cute pair anywhere.
I have been looking for months.

..that I'm most comfortable when I'm wearing jeans.

...that I love getting lost in the music.
Just laying around listening to music
is one of my favorite things to do.

...that I don't think it's funny when people see my twin and I and go,
" Am I seeing Double?", No, you are not.
 I don't think it's funny at all.
My twinee thinks it is and laughs every time we hear it.

...that if I had a dollar every time I heard the above,
I would have hundreds of dollars.

...that I love watching other people arguing.
It's like watching a soap opera live and in person.
The best place to do this is at Disney World.
Some many adults having meltdowns.
I could sit on a bench all day long and watch them.

Well, those are my confessions!!

What are your confessions??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, JenniSixx

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  1. The lost in music confession is me totally. Depending on my mood, depends on the songs I will get lost in.

    I am opposite about watching arguments. I get so uncomfortable! Ha!

  2. Oh gosh watching couples get into "nothing fights" - dane cook calls them that- is the best!!! I hear ya on the beach, I'd like it if not for all the sand LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. people watching in disney is HILARIOUS. almost worth me getting a new pass haha. also most drivers are terrible i so agree. even ones that don't talk on the phone. oh and my black flats are THE most comfortable. i have tieks (actually have a balllet pink pair on today) :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Ha! Love these... drama tv is the best. So hard not to watch and find out what happens.

  5. I am so not a heat and humidity person either. I like that it warm enough to do outside activities but not so hot I sweat just standing there, probably why Fall is my favorite.

  6. I love watching adults melt down in Disney too - I've been one of them for others! LOL

  7. Hahahahaha I love watching other strangers arguing out in public too, it is hilarious! I hate the heat and humidity! I am constantly asking myself why I moved south? I just have to put up with it for longer.

  8. Ahhh people watching at Disney is the best - hilarious!

  9. I hate when people talk on the phone and drive or worse text!
    Melanie @

  10. I wish I was a traffic cop too! I can't stand drivers who like to cut, and just don't know what they're doing!


  11. Bah ha ha! LOVE THIS!!! What a hoot! Oh to be a traffic cop, may be bad since I have serious road rage anyway!!! Ha! Hope you're having a GREAT day!!! ;-)

  12. People really say that to you and your twin?! Oooooooh dear, ha ha! They need to be more original, or just not say anything at all!
    I'm definitely only a winter person when I live somewhere like Arizona (thank goodness I'm here now. Although the heat is killing this pregnant girl!) But I do love a good weekend away in the snow!

  13. Loool getting that kind of comments is so annoying!! I am four years older than my sister and we get that too often.

    Natalia | Lindifique

  14. I'm a December baby too! But summer is my favorite. I recently bought the most comfortable black flats at Payless, of all places. They're actually called comfortplus and have that memory foam stuff in them. Good luck finding a pair you like!

  15. i'm all for flat comfy shoes; ain't nobody got time for high heels and callousy toes ew!


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