Monday, June 29, 2015

Newport, Rhode Island

A few weeks ago, JenniSixx and I drove down to Newport for the day. 
We started the day by walking around the downtown area 
where all the shopping and restaurants are. 
The stores were ok, nothing really to write about. 
Most of them are your typical touristy stores.
To be honest, I'm not that crazy about Newport.
I don't know what it is that I don't really like but 
I don't find it to be a welcoming place.
If that makes sense. 

The best part of Newport are the historic mansions
For me, it's the only reason to visit.
These mansions are so big and so amazing.
Talk about grand.

While we didn't go inside any of them. 
Well, unless you consider going into the 
gift shop going in them. LOL. 
We did walk around the grounds and they were just lovely.
I would go back to tour the inside of them,
 I think that would be fun.
Jenn was not into them at all. 

The most famous mansion has to be The Breakers. 
Built by Cornelius Vanderbilt II, It's the "Grandest" of them all.
Simply put, this place was huge and the inside is even more
dazzling (from what I saw on-line). One day, I will tour the inside.
They decorate it for the holidays and I would love to see that.
How amazing would that be?

After The Breakers, we drove over to see the Rosecliff.
It is modeled after the Grand Trianon, 
the garden retreat of French kings at Versailles. 
The grounds were stunning. 
I can only imagine how amazing the inside is. 
Again, I only saw the gift shop.
Interesting enough, the tours all end in the gift shop.
Just like at Disney World. 

 As I do not like my picture taken, I take pictures of my bags instead.
I thought it wold be funny to include all the pictures I took of my bag.
Yes, I know I'm crazy. Aren't we all a little? 

There are more mansions, we just didn't go see them.
Jenn wasn't into them at all and was getting bored.
These two are the largest and most visited out of them.
Although, I would go back to see the other ones.

If you like historic homes, this is the place to visit.
I would totally go back to see the inside of the homes
especially during the holidays.

To learn more about vising the mansions, visit Newport Mansions.

Do you like to visit historic homes??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!
Best, Marie

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Five

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Happy Friday!!
I took yesterday and today off for a little relaxation.
To be honest, I have been utterly exhausted and needed a little
time to re-charge the batteries. 
Let's get right to it, here are my favorites this week.


This is My Fight Song by Rachel Platten

I have been listening to this song non-stop.
It's so fantastic. 


Oribe Shine Light Reflecting Spray

My hair naturally isn't shiny and sometimes
can look rather dull.  A downside to having natural curly hair.
However, since discovering this stuff, it is not any more.
I spray a little on my hair and not only is it shiny 
but it helps my color look better.
I don't use this everyday,
 only on the days my hair is looking a little dull.

Neiman Marcus


How perfectly styled is this bookcase?
I love perusing Pinterest
So much inspiration.
I so need to get mine as styled as this one.
It's so fab.


1) The Best Times to Post on Instagram.
Love this, Thanks Helene.

2) Five Ways to Decorate with Books.
I love using books to decorate with.

3) 19 Things Starbucks Employees with Never Tell You.
So freaking funny.

4) Audrey Hepburn's Beauty Secrets.
She ate carbs!


If there was more kindness in the world, it would be 
a better world. 


That wraps up my Friday's Favorites.
I have a low key weekend planned and 
I cannot be more excited.
Just want to chill out and relax.
Oh and I have a mani & pedi scheduled.
Cannot wait. 
I love being a little pampered.

Have a wonderful weekend.

What are your favorites this week?
Let me know, I love hearing from you.
Best, Marie

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wish List Wednesday

 I'm trying not to shop, I thought doing a Wish List
post may help my cravings. The struggle is real.

Plus, I haven't done one of these for some time.

Alterna Bamboo Anti-Frizz Curl-Defining Cream

Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon Parfum



Alice & Olivia


What's on your wish list?
Let me know, I love hearing from you!
Best, Marie

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Bucket List

Yesterday, officially marked the start of Summer.
Woo Woo.

After a very long winter, everyone is
super excited for warmer days.
Although, personally  I miss the cooler days especially
when it's 85 and 100% humidity.

I have seen Summer Bucket Lists all over blogland,
 decided it was time for me to do one.

Here is my list.

1) go strawberry picking.

2) take a day trip to Portsmouth, NH.

3) eat at Boston Chops
They have popovers!!

4) get lost at the Museum of Fine Arts. 
Ok ok, I really like to go because I love their
little coffee shop.

5) play mini golf, even though I'm terrible at it.

6) trip to Nantucket. This will be a day trip.

7) drive down to Providencetown via Old King's Highway (Route 6A), 
one of the most scenic roads in Massachusetts.  
and in the county.

8) visit Thomas Dexter's Grist Mill in Sandwich, MA.

9) visit the Franklin Park Zoo.

10) visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

11) Shop the Boston Farmer's Market.

12) spend a few days at the Beach.
I love West Beach in Pride's Crossing, MA.
It's my favorite beach in the state.

13) Visit Yankee Candle in Deerfield, MA

14) Visit the Norman Rockwell Museum. 

15) day trip to Rockport, MA.

16) Paint a picture at The Paint Bar.

Well, that is my summer bucket list.
Short and Sweet.

What's on your summer bucket list?
Let me know, I love hearing from you!

Best, Marie

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites-JenniSixx Edition


Hi All, JenniSixx here talking about 
my favorites this week.

Let's get right to it.


Under and Over It by Five Finer Death Punch

I love this song, it totally gets me
 pumped up when I need it. It
 is an older song of their's but I love it.


Cucumber Melon by Bath & Body Works

I was so excited when I saw that Bath & Body 
was bring back their old scents during their Annual Sale.
 I LOVE this one. 
You don't even want to know how many I had
 Marie buy when she was at the store.
 Love love this scent. 

Bath & Body Works


Old Navy Dolman Sleeve V-Neck Top

I bought this top because it's opened in the back
 and shows off my new tattoo perfectly.
 I loved it so much I bought it in four different colors.
Perfect for summer as it's extremely light-weight and
perfect for showing off my new tat.
Old Navy
Old Navy


Black Mass by Dick Lehr & Gerard O'Neill 

I'm obsessed with the Whitey Bulger story.

It practically happened in my backyard.
OK, well not really but close enough.
This is such a great book, I can't put it down.



The Paint Bar-Boston

See the painting below? 
Marie and I are going to attempt to paint it this weekend
at The Paint Bar-Boston. I'm so excited for this.
I have been waiting to go to a paint bar for awhile now and
was thrilled to find out they have a location in Boston. 
I hope our paintings come out good.
Wish us luck, we need it.
*Marie can barely color in the lines.
The Paint Bar-Boston


That wraps up my favorites this week.
I'm so excited to go The Paint Bar 
tomorrow. I'm sure I will post 
pictures all over my Instagram.
I hope my painting comes out good
and is IG worthy. LOL.

Have a Fab Weekend.

What are your favorites this week?
Let me know, I love hearing from you!
Best, JenniSixx

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