Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hump Day Confessions & What I'm Loving Wednesday

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I confess that I listen to Christmas music year round.
Without fail, whenever a Christmas song comes on,
someone will walk into my office and make some comment
about it. I just play the music that is on my iTunes, I don't listen to a
particular playlist, I just shuffle all the songs.
So at times, it does play Christmas music.
I'm not ashamed about it, I love Christmas music.
It does make for funny comments from people.
I keep my music very soft, so clearly they have very good hearing.


I'm loving that Under the Dome is 
back for another season.
Cannot wait for the first epsiode
which airs next week!! YAY!!

I confess that I'm sad that this season of Games of Thrones is over with.
I mean what way to end this season, I'm still in shock.
Each season is only 10 episodes long.
 Totally wish it were a bit longer.
Now, we gotta wait 10 months for the next season.
Ugh, the wait...


I confess that I love when Starbucks gets my name wrong.
Marie, is not a hard name but they can never 
seem to get it correct and it cracks me up. 
It happens all the time.
#starbucks fail

I confess that I'm deathly afraid of fire.
 I am not even a fan of fireworks.
In fact, I never use to light candles in my house because of my fear.
 My grandfather was a survivor of the Cocoanut Grove fire,
 which is one the most deadliest fires in America. 
I truly believe my fear of fire stems because of that.

That is what I'm loving and my confessions this week.

What are yours??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie 

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  1. I can see why fire would be a concern for you especially if you grew up hearing stories from your grandfather!! Girl if they can't get Marie right - imagine how they butcher Biana lol! xo, BlovedBoston

  2. Haha Mauri and Merry...gotta love those Starbucks fails! They never get mine right, either!

  3. haha on the christmas songs - i totally will belt out a song at any point in the year at a totally random time and people think i'm crazy lol. also you gotta love starbucks name fails! i usually give them my last name since kerri can be spelled a bazillion diff ways!


  4. I read somewhere that Starbucks baristas purposely spell names wrong to provide themselves with some entertainment. I don't know if that's true or not but some days I hope so! They always butcher my name too so don't feel bad!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. 1. Fireworks scare the shit out of me. I hide in the backyard, inside a house or leave any party I am at where people are setting them off. We go to see the Macy's fireworks every year that are professionally done and safe/far enough away from me that I am okay with them but otherwise - terrified. 2. How do you misspell Marie? Haha! 3. I not only still love Christmas music but Taylor and I watch Christmas movies periodically in the middle of the Summer. Chevy Chase it funny year round!

  6. I love the whole Starbucks shenanigans with the names, if only I liked their coffee. Le sigh! Summer TV blows so I totally understand not wanting to wait for new shows. :(

  7. I love when baristas get my name wrong too - it's funny to see what they come up with. You'd be surprised how often my cup says Jeff! I've never heard of a woman being named Jeff, ha!

  8. I have...not a fear, exactly, but a great respect for fire. My dad was a firefighter and I knew fire safety, etc., from the get go. I can see where your fear comes from!

    I don't think Starsucks has ever gotten my name wrong.

  9. Love that Starbucks always butchers everyone's name, no matter how easy it is.

    xx 365Hangers

  10. LOL at the Starbucks name fail... I've gotten "Keith" on 3 different occasions now, I'm sorry how do you get Keith while looking at a female who clearly said Kate?! :-P

  11. I get really nervous around fire. My dad was a firefighter and still is a volunteer firefighter. It is no joke!!! Like I am even terrified of grills because of fire. Startbucks just knows your love for Christmas music by calling you Merry! Duh! :) I start playing Christmas music around October. Every day until Christmas.

  12. I was so pissed about GoT because I wasn't able to watch it on Sunday and of COURSE people on FB posted spoilers. GAH!!! I finally watched it last night. I don't believe that he's really gone though.

    My biggest Starbucks fail was when the barista spelled it "Dan-Yell." That was a classic!

  13. I tried to watch Under The Dome but could not get in to it but may try again if comes on Netflix. But I did try Scandal, ugh not a fan. Awful way to over dramatic and formulaic for me.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  14. I'm always "Wendy" at Starbucks. Always. I freaking love Christmas music!

  15. I LOVE Christmas music and will listen to it year round as well. :) I have also been known to watch a Christmas movie in July. :)


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