Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hump Day Confessions & What I'm loving Wednesday

Linking up with Melissa, Jodi & Rachel


I'm loving these fun facts about the tv show, The Golden Girls.
I spent many nights watching this show with my Grandmother
and it just brings back wonderful memories.
If you haven't watched this show, you should.
While the show is over 20 years old, 
the theme about the important of friendship remains the same.
These ladies were pure comedic gold.


I confess that it I'm already over flip flops. 
Let me explain. I have seen too many feet that are in very bad shape.
Yes, the winter was long and most people failed to take good care of their feet.
But please, go get yourself a pedicure before you walk around in those 
flip flops. I cannot take all the nasty feet out in the open.
And for the love of God, do not put your dirty feet on the seat on the train. 


I'm loving Coldplay's Games of Thrones: The Musical.
It's was created for the Red Nose Day Awareness special that aired on NBC.
Red Nose Day raises money for children who live in poverty.
To learn more, visit Red Nose Day.
This is so funny especially if you are a Games of Thrones fan.


I confess that the other day I actually said I missed the winter. 
It's been hot and humid and the pollen has been terrible. It got hot and humid 
way too soon and I cannot take the pollen. Perhaps if there was less pollen, it
wouldn't be bad. Everyone is complaining about the pollen this year.
Thanks to all the snow, the pollen is the worse it has been in years.
Usually by June, my allergies aren't too bad but not this year.
So, yes, I miss the winter. 

Note-It has been raining for the past few days
 which has helped a little bit.

I'm loving that it's the Scooper Bowll this week.
I mean, who doesn't love All You Can Eat Ice Cream.
We have plans to go tomorrow.
So excited!!

That is what I'm loving and my confessions this week.

What are yours??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie 

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  1. Yes to the nasty feet in flip flops. so gross, pedicure first people! The back and forth with the weather killed me, the rain helped but still in a brain fog from allergies.

  2. Please dont say you miss winter - at least not yet!! I made sure my toes were at least painted before showing off my tootsies! lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I always get a pedicure before I break out my sandals! So needed haha!

  4. A scooper bowl?!?! THat sounds amazing, just amazing! And I LOVE the GG, they are too funny!

  5. I want all you can eat ice cream!!!! i'm so jealous.

  6. I don't really like flip flips in general but when gross feet are in them it's especially bad! I miss winter too. Not because of allergies, but because I just can't take the heat. Haha! I want to go to a Scooper Bowl! Yum!

  7. Don't get me started on feet!! They've always grossed me out and I really hate it when men wear flip flops!! Yuck!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  8. i friggen hate my allergies i feel your pain. AND AND number 3 - i had no idea it was a longer thing and now i love it even more. thanks for sharing!!!

  9. AHHH nasty feet, this is a huge pet peeve of mine! It rained the majority of May where I live but it sure didn't stop the sneezing around here, I hate allergies.

  10. Cold Play's game of thrones - YES!!!!!!!!!!! I just keep watching the video. Love it so much.

  11. I'm all about Coldplay... Love it!

  12. OMG - I HATE FEET SO MUCH! I do love flip flops because I like to wear them but seeing other people's SKEEVES me. I totally feel you on that. So gross!

  13. LOL at the flip flops! I'm always amazed at the people who don't take care of their feet, like I'm talking super gross toe nails and dry skin :-P

  14. LOL @ flip flops, so true!! And I loved Golden Girls too

  15. I've been meaning to watch that Coldplay/Game of Thrones thing, thanks for including!!!

  16. all you can eat ice cream? how can i get in on that?!
    and yes so true on flip flops. which is exactly why i haven't worn mine yet lol

  17. Ummm all you can eat ice cream?????? I need some ice cream. Mmmmmmmm And I am with you on feet. While mine aren't the prettiest, I try to at least make them presentable. I make sure the nails are polished and I do an at home pedi at least once a week with the file, stone, scrubs and lotions.

  18. Girl, i feel you on the nasty feet and flip flops. Its crazy how many people you see on vacation down here who have seriously jacket feet in flip flops walking around. Or even better, the barefeet people. Ugh. And all you can eat ice cream??? Sign me up!!

  19. Oh Golden Girls I have fond memories of this show, I lived with my Grandmother for a while and we use to watch this show together.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  20. OMG my friend's toenails were out of control gross when I saw her the other day! One was long and broken and she hadn't even filed it. I can't even deal with it. Haha

  21. i;ve got a tip tomorrow for feet on the blog, hehe. that GOT musical was hilarious.

  22. I made sure I got a pedicure before I started wearing flip flops! I feel naked if I wear flip flops and my toenails aren't painted. Lol. :) And I hate when people put their feet on the seats of public transportation. ICK! Thanks for linking up! :)

  23. Oh man, I cannot handle awful feet that have not been taken care of. Before I even think about donning flip flops for summer I make sure my feet look nice. Ugh. Our weather has been pretty hot this year so far, which I am loving.. However, the pollen count has been awful. My allergies are horrible!


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