Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Foods by JenniSixx

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Hi, JennSixx here.
 Marie is a little under the weather,
 so I'm posting again. I'm trying to do more posts so 
it's not so one "twin" sided.

Since it has been incredibly warm here lately,
 it got me to thinking about all my favorite 
summer time foods, drinks, and deserts!

Here is a list of my favorite Summer Foods.

 I just love it! 
If I could, I would eat it every day! I’m a simple gal, so I just like it boiled 
with some drawn butter! DELISH!

Clam Chowder
 Now I know I can get this any time of the year,
 but there is just something about eating it, in the summer time!

Fried Clams
I don’t really like fried foods, but in the summer I need to have a few plates full! 
And don’t forget the tarter sauce! YUMMY!

 Of course I need whipped cream when I eat these.

    Red Seedless Grapes
 I’m actually not sure when grapes are “in season”, but I really 
enjoy them in the summer time!

     Iced Tea
Need I say more?

Frozen Adult Beverages
 Daiquiri’s, Margaritas, Mudslides! 
Frozen heaven in a glass.

Iced water
When I go to the beach, I always bring a couple of frozen water bottles! 
They melt thru out the day, but I can still have some ice water, while sunning myself.
 It’s not my favorite, but on those really hot days, I’ll have a glass!
 It’s so refreshing.

 Ok, well not everything! 
But I so enjoy a grilled hot dog, burger, steak, chicken, and shrimp on the Barbie! 
Who doesn’t?!

   Shrimp cocktail
I could seriously just eat bowl after bowl of peeled shrimp.

   Corn on the cob
I have a love hate relationship with this.
I love the taste of it, but I hate how it makes my teeth feel.

   Ice Cream
What’s not to love!?

 If I could, I would probably just eat a whole one a day!

As I was going thru the list, I know there are some more, 
but I just can’t think of them! 

What are some of your favorite summer foods? 
Let me know, I love hearing from you!
Best JenniSixx
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  1. I love how fresh strawberries taste this time of year, and I'm totally with you on BBQ-ing practically everything!

  2. this whole list wins all the things! cheers for summer and yummy seasonal goodies! xo

  3. a good cookout and some sweet tea for me!

  4. Oh girl Lobster everything in the summer!! I can't wait to have my first lobster roll of the season!! Hope Marie feels better soon! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. And now I'm hungry! I love lobster and watermelon, such wonderful summer foods!

  6. Yum! Yes to BBQ corn and all that yummy seafood!

  7. This all sounds soooooo good! YUM! Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. MMM!! Lobstahh! and pina coladas. My summer favorites. Also Summer Beer (pink lemonade + beer + vodka). All SO delish!

  9. I miss living in Boston over the Summer and lobster! When we were in Greece they were charging 140 euros for 1 kg. What/?????

  10. Hope Marie feels better soon! And all that food/drinks looks DELISH!

  11. I don't know how I am a New Englander that doesn't like seafood but I do love the summer fruit. The frozen adult bevvies and ice cream is pretty great too!

  12. Yum! Watermelon, stone fruits (peaches, plums), hotdogs, cold shrimp, corn on the cob - all on my list!

  13. Summertime is fruit time for me! Strawberries, plums, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, watermelon, pineapple, cherries, grapes...I want it all!!!! I love corn on the cob, hotdogs, burgers, and anything frozen right now too :)

  14. I love anything grilled in the summer!! Mostly because then it's my husbands job and I just get to sit back and relax :)

  15. I've never tried lobster! I need too!


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