Monday, December 10, 2018

The Power of a Gift

As I was perusing the inter webs, I came across this
Christmas ad from John Lewis.

Never one to be at a lost for words, after watching it, I was. 
It just resonated with me.Then it got me thinking, what gift have 
I been given that has meant the same thing to me. 
I thought and thought and thought. 

Honestly, I have been given some
 amazing (trips, a car, designer handbags, jewelry, etc)
 wonderful gifts over the years. But there is one gift that 
I was given, that kept popping in my head. It's a gift 
 that has no momentary value but is priceless to me.
And that gift is my Twin Sister, Jenn.

She is the wind beneath my wings, my partner in crime,
my best friend. In truth, I'm nothing without her.
She makes me a better, kinder person. Plus,
she puts up with all my craziness and there is
alot of that!! 

If I have learned anything in this past year, which 
has been challenging and filled with much disappointments,
is that no matter what, my twinee is always there
for me.  No matter what.

Love you Jenn, you are the light in my heart and are
by far the best gift I have even been given.

Now, tell me what has been your favorite
gift you have gotten?? Let me know, I 
love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie

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Monday, December 3, 2018

TBB Asks...December

1. Candy Canes? Yes or No
Marie-Yes. Hello, peppermint bark!!
Jenn- Oh yuck! NO!!
2. Christmas morning early riser or sleep in? 
Marie-Early riser.
Jenn- Sleep in.
3. Did you shop on Black Friday? Yes or No
Jenn- Hell No!
4. Christmas Tree up in November? Yes or No
Jenn- Only after Thanksgiving!! 
Marie once put the tree up on November 1st, she has no 
respect for the Turkey!! 
5. Do you get Holiday ideas from Pinterest? Yes or No 
Jenn- No.
6. Christmas Glam or Ugly Sweater?
Marie-Oh Christmas Glam all the way.
Jenn-Ugly Sweater!!

7. Stocking Stuffers: Wrapped or Unwrapped?
Marie- Unwrapped.
Jenn- Unwrapped.
8. Traditional or Modern Christmas Songs?
Marie- A little bit of both. By far the BEST
Christmas song ever is All I Want for Christmas is You
by Mariah Carey.
Jenn- Traditional and I absolutely
hate that song, All I Want for Christmas is You
9. Fruitcake? Yes or No
Marie- No.
Jenn- Ewww, No.
10. Is your Christmas Shopping Finished? Yes or No?
Marie- Not even close.
Jenn- Haven't even started.
11. Is there Snow in December where you live?
Marie- Yes, it's not Christmas if there
 isn't snow on the ground.
Jenn- Yes.
12. Classic Show: A Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph?
Marie- Rudolph.
Jenn-  A Charlie Brown Christmas.
I have the Charlie Brown Christmas tree
on my desk at work. 

The Twins love the holiday season.
In fact, once a week in December,
we try to do one holiday theme
thing. This week, we are going to
the Enchanted Village
So fun!!

Are you a fan of the Holidays??
Let us, know, we love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie and Jenn

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wish List Wednesday

I have been trying to reign in my shopping habits.
However, it is so hard for me and I have found myself
shopping.  So, for the month of November, I decided to 
not shop. AT ALL!! AT ALL!!  Not even gifts because 
I usually do one gift for you, two gifts for me thingy.

Here is what I'm wishing for!!
Just wishing not buying!!


Leopard Penny Loafers

Faux Leather Pleaded Skirt

Snake Print Sneakers

Pink Lodge Coat

Hand Cream

Knit Tunic

Cashmere Poncho

Makeup Bag


Bow Flats

Leopard Scarf

High-Low Sweater

Belted Coat

Plaid Poncho

Now, if you are wondering what about gifts,
I have only a few people to shop for which makes 
shopping much easier. And I do have a few gifts already
so hopefully, I can do this. The last time I lasted three weeks 
which I thought was pretty good for me.
 I just need to  stay out of stores!! 

What's on your wish list??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie 

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Monday, November 5, 2018

TBB Asks...Giving Thanks Edition

Linking up with the lovely ladies of The Blended Blog 
for another round of TBB Asks..with The Twins.

 Have you ever kept a Gratitude Journal? Yes or No?
Marie- Yes, I use the five minute journal 
app on my phone. I do it every morning and
then again right before bed.

Hosting Thanksgiving at your house? 
Marie-Ugh, NO! I can't cook at all.
Jenn-Nope, we go out for dinner.

 Favorite Food from The Thanksgiving Meal? 
Marie-Sweet potatoes with marshmallows.
Jenn-The Turkey and stuffing!

What one thing in Nature are you most grateful for? 
Jenn-The Ocean!

 Pumpkin Pie: Yes or No? 
Marie-YES! YES! 
Jenn-Yes, and don't forget the whipped cream.

 Traditional Cookbook: Yes or No? 
Marie- I don't cook, at all.
Jenn- Yes.

Oven Baked or Deep-Fried Turkey? 
Marie-I don't eat Turkey, so neither.
Jenn- Oven baked!

 Thanksgiving Leftovers: Yes or No?  

What is one household product your most grateful for?
Marie-My coffee maker.

 Are you most grateful for home cooked meals or restaurant meals? 
Marie-I love a good restaurant.
Jenn- I am grateful for BOTH!

My Mom's neighbor has this outside their
house every November and I laugh
every single time I drive by it.

What are you grateful for??
Let us know, we love hearing from you!
Best, Marie & Jenn

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wish List Wednesday-My Sephora VIB Rouge Holiday Sale Picks

The Sephora Beauty Insider Holiday Sale for VIB Rouge members
starts Friday, October 26 until Monday, October 29th. Then it is again
(for everyone!!) Friday, Nov 2- Monday, Nov. 5th.

Woohoo, this is one of my favorite times of the year!! 
Plus, it's a great time to pick up gift sets!! 
Sephora has the best ones.

This is what is currently on my list.

My Holy Grail

Lactic Acid Treatment


Illuminating Primer

Eye Brightener


Double-Ended Brush

Hair Oil

Glow For It

Time to Celebrate

Kiss and Make Up Set

Kiss Me Cracker

Best Sellers Set

Give Me Some Nude Lip

Beauty Universe Makeup & Skincare Set

20% off with Code-ROUGEBONUS.

I love being a VIB Rouge member!! Sephora, by far, 
has the best deals in the makeup world. This
is the time of year to stock up and I personally
love all the gift sets. Easy way to try new products
without breaking the bank.

Head over to Sephora and start your wish list!! 

What's your on your list??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie 

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday Favorites

Woohoo, we made it to Friday.
It's been forever since I have done
a post on Friday. Such a bad blogger.
Here are my favorites this week.


You Are The Reason 
Calum Scott and Leona Lewis

I love Calum Scott and I love 
this duet version with Leona 
Lewis. Been listening
to this on repeat.


My hair and I couldn't be more excited that
 scrunchies are back!! I loved them back in 
the day and love them now. As I soon as
 saw this one with a bow, I had to order it.
Love love love it. 
Bow Scrunchie


Not that I need another purse but I'm loving this
 one.What do you think?? I really like the
 blue camo but is it too trendy?
 Should I get it in blackWould 
love to hear your thoughts about it.  
Thanks in advance.
Soho Tote


Eye Shadow Primer
I picked this up at Ulta and I'm so glad I did.
It is by far the BEST eye shadow primer I
have ever used. I used to swear by the Urban Decay one
but lately it wasn't working well. I have been working
ten hours plus days and my eye makeup didn't move.
This was the best ten dollars I have spent
in a long time. This stuff is legit.
Eye Shadow Primer



That's wraps up my
favorites for this week.
I'm working again this weekend.
Yes, I know I work too much.
Hoping this project I'm on
ends and soon!! It will
be nice to have a life again.

Have a Wonderful Weekend.

What caught your eye this week?
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!

Best, Marie

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Truth and Twins

The other day, Jenn and I, were sitting in traffic talking 
about  blog ideas, when she came up
 with Truth and Twins. 

 We are going to throw out a bunch of truths and one lie. 
 See, if you can spot the truth from the lie. 
 And to make it even better, which 
twin it applies to! 

Let's go!!

I signed the inside of the Green Monster at Fenway Park.

A passenger on a flight once came up to me to ask me what
movie I was watching during the flight, because he heard me
laughing the entire flight!

In school, I never did any homework because my twin 
did it for me.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a professional
wrestler.  I practiced my moves on my twin.

I caught a foul ball at Yankee Stadium.

I got separated from my twin on the tube in London and had
a complete meltdown and starting crying on the train.

When I was younger, I use to cut my own hair.

I use to get sick every Christmas Eve and spent many
Christmas Eve's in the ER. And I always freak out that
Santa wasn't gonna come because I wasn't home.

When I was in College, I got really sick on New Years Eve and 
was home alone. My whole family came home at 11:45, so I wouldn't
be home alone for midnight, except for my twin! 
She did NOT come home.

One New Years Eve, I drunk dialed my boss. He picked
up because he thought something happened.

I believed in Santa until I was 12.

I was in a music video.

I jumped off a swing and broke my ankle.
I had been told repeatedly not to do this.

Now, we should say that some of these
apply to both twins, so the answer is twins.
Leave your answers below in the comments.
We love hearing from you!!

Good Luck!!

Marie & Jenn

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Current Makeup Faves

If you have been reading here for awhile, then you know
that I'm a makeup junkie. I will try anything once! 
Today, I'm sharing my current makeup faves.

What sold me on this was that it has
pro-retinol in it which is great for those fine 
lines around the eye area. I have been using this
as a primer under my eyes and really like it. I helps
brighten and keep my concealer in place. 

Kiehl's Youth Dose Eye Treatment

Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser
I got this as a sample in my Play! by Sephora box and
 really like how creamy it was. It takes all my 
makeup off and leaves my skin 
feeling nice and soft. Plus, it smells really good.

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum
I have been hearing so much about how Vitamin
C is good for you skin, I just had to get some for myself to try.
This stuff is legit. I use it every other night and really
feel that my skin is clear and brighter. Be warned, it can be
drying, so only use a little bit.

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme
I picked this up on a whim and I'm so glad I did.
I use it as my night time eye cream. When I wake up,
the eye area is definitely brighter. Plus, this smells
really good. It should be noted that this eye cream
is not very hydrating, some nights I put this over
my La Mer cream. I pretty much use La Mer
all over my face and body. For me, it works the
best. Although, I do hate the price of it. But it 
works so well for me, it's worth it.

Rodin Luxury Face Oil 
This stuff is as Lux as one can get. But man, 
it's Ah-Mazing. I got a free sample of it
and loved it so much I had to buy it. It makes
me feel so luxurious. During the day, I use a little  of it
as a highlighter.  I put it on at night and 
wake up to a face as smooth as a baby's bottom.
Love Love this stuff.

This is my go to lip liner. It's a rosy-nude color
that goes with everything. I wear it with my pink lipsticks and
 my nude lipsticks.  It's such a pretty color.
 If you like a rosy-nude lip, this is the lip liner
for you. 

Marc Jacobs Poutliner in Primrose.

If you are fair with blueish under eye circles,
this is the best corrector for you!  I have tired almost every 
corrector on the market and this one works the best for me. 
 In fact sometimes, I only need to put this on and my
horrible dark circles are gone.
I love this stuff so much!! 

I will be honest, I have never been a fan of stick foundations.
So, when my friend recommended this, I was very skeptical.
However, much to my surprise, I love love this foundation.
 It is completely seamless. Every time I wear it,
 people comment on how good my skin looks.
It's this foundation. It's pricey but the glow it gives, 
makes it worth it.

Tom Ford

This is hands down one of the best
highlighters. I love how it goes on and stays on.
It goes on smoothly and blends so nicely.
I use in the color Quartz and love it.
And it only costs $18.00!! Can't beat that.

I have a love/hate relationship with powder. Most
loose powders don't work for me as they leave me
a cakey mess. However, this one leaves me glowing
without that heavy or cakey feel.  It's great for my sometimes dry skin.
I just use a little on my t-zone and I'm set of the day. 

Armani Loose Highlighting Powder

Those are my current makeup faves. I do
realize I spend alot on makeup and skin care
but my belief is, you only have one face so 
it's best to take care of it, the best you can. Plus,
I feel like my face is a worthy investment. I cut 
corners in other places to indulge in my makeup
habits. For instance, I hardly ever buy lunch.
I bring it from home almost every day.
That alone saves me a ton of money. I couldn't get over
how much I saved a week by bringing in my own lunch.
So that savings, goes to my makeup!! It's 
all about checks and balances, right??

Do you have any new makeup
faves to share?? Let me know, I love
 hearing from you!!


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