Friday, April 28, 2017

Five Confessions for Friday

Hi All!!
It's confession time. 
These are my five confessions for 

 It has been so bad lately. If people stopped
texting, put their phone down and paid attention, I think traffic wouldn't be 
so bad. Seriously people PUT the phone down.

Also, what is up with women putting on their makeup
while sitting in traffic? This past week, I witnessed three different women
 putting on mascara while driving!! Who does that?? Aren't you 
afraid that you may poke your eye out?? This is probably 
another reason why traffic is so bad.

As much as I hate selfie sticks and wanted to throw Marie's
away while in London, I have to admit it did take some 
good selfies. Haha.

I love Navi (that is what I call my navigation system in my car) and 
it drives me crazy when my boyfriend doesn't listen to it.
Then he gets lost! Listen to Navi, she always knows where she is going.

I LOVE looking at pictures of cute animals on the internet.
The other day I wasted like 30 minutes just looking at pictures
of super cute animals. I mean, look, here and here.
Come on, aren't they adorable?Didn't it make your
 day a little brighter?

Oh I feel much better now, that I got those off my chest. LOL.
I'm so thrilled that the weekend is here. I'm going to get 
my hair done and spending the rest of the time with my
boyfriend. Two great things that will make a great weekend.

Have a Wonderful Weekend.

Do you have any confessions this week??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Jenn

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Recent Purchases

My name is Marie and I'm a shopaholic. 
After the damage I did in London (more on that later),
I really have no business shopping. However, I was in 
"need" of a few things. This is what I picked up.

Can I get a free pass on this?
I mean sunscreen is a MUST.
Gotta protect my skin as best I can.

I didn't "need" these but I had a gift card...
and well, they look so cute on my feet.
I love the big bows on them.


A girl can never have too much lipstick, right??
This is my new color for spring and I love it.
It lasts for hours and without drying your lips.
Such a great color for spring. 

Lipstick Queen, Color-So Long

I very rarely by anything white. I'm too messy and stain everything. 
However, I fell in love with this top when I saw it.
This picture doesn't do this shirt justice. It
is much prettier in person. Whenever I wear it,
I will make sure I have a tide pen in my bag.

I saw this top at the loft and it was on
sale. It is so much cuter in person
than in this picture. Plus, it was on sale
and then fifty percent off. Score!


I love a good kick flare and had to have
these when I saw them at Old Navy.
They are gonna be great for the weekends
in the spring. You can easily dress them up or down.

Old Navy

Not too bad, right?? haha.
I really need to be on a shopping ban. 

I'm working on a post about what I purchased in London
and all of my favorite stores. I should have a post up
next week all about it. 

Have you made any recent purchases??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie 

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Camden Town

Hi All, Jenn here!
I'm taking over the blog today and talking all about Camden
 Town  and Camden Lock Market!

I had been dying to go to Camden. When we were planning 
this trip to London, we just had to add it to the list of things to do. I was so happy
 we were finally going! We got on the tube and headed out for our adventure to Camden. It's 
actually very easy to get to and not far from Central London as it has it's
own tube stop on the tube. London has such a great transit system.

We got there super early, so things were just starting to open up and there were not a lot of people there, so we took some pics of the land escape and headed to the coffee shop. 
After coffee, we headed into Camden Market. It was big, but all the stalls were super
 close to each other. So it’s a little claustrophobic.


All in all Camden Town was awesome!!

 I bought this awesome skull bag. Marie found it for me, I walked right by it! LOL. 
 Camden has some cute shops, it’s not high end at all. It’s more rock n roll, which I 
was totally digging! As the day went on it got crowded and more crowded! I thought I was going to buy a lot more then I did, but nothing r eally caught my eye, except  for the bag. 
After we were done with the markets, we headed to the canal walk. The canal is a great walking trail! It was beautiful! We even saw a celebrity! Helena Bonham Carter was riding her bike. She is beautiful in person. As we ventured down the canal, we stopped to take some pics. When we got to the end of the canal, we decided to walk Regency Park. I will save that for another post 
as it was so beautiful it deserves its' own post.

 I love love loved Camden Town and Camden Lock Market.
 And I can’t wait to go back!

It was so different from anywhere else with lots of unique stores
and so many food stalls. I highly recommend a visit.
It's well worth it and super fun.

Are you a fan of outdoor markets??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Jenn

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Five for Friday

Even though this was a short week for 
me, it felt like Friday took forever and a day
to arrive. Here is what caught my eye this week.

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

This week's song is for Jenn who
was convinced that Megan Trainor sang this song!!
She totally did not believe me when I told her that was not true. She was like 
no the girl from Martha's Vineyard (also, wrong, she is from Nantucket)
sings this song. No, Jenn she doesn't. Proof is below.

Healthy Blueberry Muffins

I love Blueberry Muffins so I was thrilled
when I saw these over at Rachel's Blog. It was too good 
not to share.  I will be making these soon.
A Blonde's Moment

VIB Rouge Sale at Sephora.

Woohoo! Time to stock up. 
I will be picking up a few things such
as this foundation, this concealer, this
setting spray, this lip pencil, and this lip balm.


These are by far my favorite pair of Toms. I worn
them all last summer. In fact, I loved them so much,
I picked up another pair for this summer.
The best part is now they are on sale.
They are so comfortable! 
I live in my Toms during 
the summer.


That wraps up my Five for Friday.
Now, it's your turn!!
What caught your eye this week??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie 
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

In a word, it was amazing. It is also a very big place.
While you are free to photograph the outside,
you cannot take any photographs inside.
Hence, why the photos are all of the outside.

The inside of the castle was spectacular.
Absolutely gorgeous and so very regal!
And the Town of Windsor is

We took the tube to Paddington Station (which has a statue of the one 
and only PADDINGTON BEAR!), from there we hopped on another train and a half hour
later, we were in a little town called Windsor. It was actually quite easy to get to 
from Central London. We decided on this route because we didn't want 
to be on someone's else timetable. We work best being on "twin" time,
which really is whatever Marie says it is.

 As soon as you get off the train, you’re immediately in one of the cutest little
 outdoor mall area, called the “Windsor Royal Shoppes” It is absolutely adorable. 
Windsor Castle is right across the street. We spent a couple of hours at the castle and 
then spend the rest of the time walking around the town. There were shops, cafe's and
restaurants.  We spent about four hours in Windsor but could have stayed longer. We definitely would love to go back and spent more time there.  It's a great place to visit. It is also home 
to Eton College but we didn't get a chance to visit. 

We did go out to Windsor on the day we arrived. We flew in earlier
enough that we were in Windsor by noon. It was a great way to spend the first day. 
All the fresh air and walking really helped with the jetlag.
Yes, we slept like logs that first night. Lol.

Have you been to Windsor Castle??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie 

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Monday, April 17, 2017


Regent Park, London, England

  Can you believe it's the middle of April?
 Already? Where does time go?

Today, I'm sharing what I have been currently up to.

all my pictures from London. I really want to share what we did, 
where we ate and where we shopped. I just need to get myself organized. 
Right, now I feel as though I'm all over the place. And to be honest, 
I'm disappointed in the pictures I took. I had a brand new camera
and everything. The thing is, I'm just not good at taking pictures.
It's not the camera, it's the photographer (me).

This Ends with Us by Colleen Hover. This book is so fantastic.
I'm really enjoying, it's really really good.

Nothing. I sort of got sick of TV. I haven't even 
watched the shows I usually watch. Talking to you The Walking Dead!
I already know how the season ended so really what is the point of even 
watching? I go through phases where I watch alot of TV and then nothing at all.
Right now, is nothing at all phase. Even Netflix has bored me.

Fortum & Mason Royal Blend Tea. I picked this up in London
as it is my favorite tea. Full disclosure, I bought a year supply of it.
They do sell it at William Sonoma but it's $30 for a box. 
Whereas in London, it is $10 for a box.  
Much better to buy when in London.

that I absolutely hate my picture taken. I have very few photos of myself 
from London. Jenn,on the other hand, looks gorgeous in every photo. I have so many
 pictures of Jenn. Lord knows how many selfies she has of herself on her iPhone. 
 haha It was like Jenn was on a trip by herself.

The Wall by Kings of Leon. I know it has been out for awhile now but I just
got around to listening to it. I liked it so much, I had to add it to my
music collection. I had forgotten how crazy talented
those boys are. 

Rice Krispies treats. I made some for Easter and now
cannot stop eating them. Why are they so good??
I don't even want to know how much sugar is in them.

Today is the Boston Marathon. 
Loving all the support for the marathon and the City
of Boston. #Bostonstrong #BeBoston
Best of Luck to all the runners.

I'm hoping to get some posts about London
up and soon. I know you all what to see
what we did and what we bought.

What have you been up to lately??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie 

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Five for Friday

Happy Friday!!
I'm so happy that it is Easter weekend.
Mainly because for me it's a long 
weekend! I hardly ever have a Sunday
off so it is nice to be off for three days.

Without further ado, here is my Five for Friday.

Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

This song has been on repeat for
me. I think the lyrics are really beautiful.
Love me some Lady Gaga.

Boss Baby

I'm a sucker for anything child like
and this movie looks hilarious. 
You don't even want to know
how many times I have watched the
trailer. It just makes me laugh.


I tired a sample of this and loved it 
so much that I had to purchase it. 
It just melts right into my skin 
and takes all my makeup off including
my waterproof eyeliner! What I love
most about this cleaner is that it isn't 
drying at all. I swear my skin is clearer 
and brighter from using it. 
Eve Lom

Ja-Vie Flats

I heard about these flats from April and knew
I had to try them. LOVE THEM! I literally
walked in them for miles in London and my
feet didn't bother me at all. Not even
my bad foot! These shoes are not only 
cute but offer great support for walking.
They do run short so I sized up a half of a size. 
I did have to add a heel pad for my bad foot 
but haven't had any problems.  I would
never travel again without them.
They are jelly which I thought would be problematic in the rain 
but nope! They are great in the rain!

How adorable is this pillow?

That wraps up my Five for Friday.
I'm looking forward to Easter
with my family. 

Happy Easter
Have a Wonderful Weekend

What caught your eye this week?
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie 

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