Monday, April 24, 2017

Camden Town

Hi All, Jenn here!
I'm taking over the blog today and talking all about Camden
 Town  and Camden Lock Market!

I had been dying to go to Camden. When we were planning 
this trip to London, we just had to add it to the list of things to do. I was so happy
 we were finally going! We got on the tube and headed out for our adventure to Camden. It's 
actually very easy to get to and not far from Central London as it has it's
own tube stop on the tube. London has such a great transit system.

We got there super early, so things were just starting to open up and there were not a lot of people there, so we took some pics of the land escape and headed to the coffee shop. 
After coffee, we headed into Camden Market. It was big, but all the stalls were super
 close to each other. So it’s a little claustrophobic.


All in all Camden Town was awesome!!

 I bought this awesome skull bag. Marie found it for me, I walked right by it! LOL. 
 Camden has some cute shops, it’s not high end at all. It’s more rock n roll, which I 
was totally digging! As the day went on it got crowded and more crowded! I thought I was going to buy a lot more then I did, but nothing r eally caught my eye, except  for the bag. 
After we were done with the markets, we headed to the canal walk. The canal is a great walking trail! It was beautiful! We even saw a celebrity! Helena Bonham Carter was riding her bike. She is beautiful in person. As we ventured down the canal, we stopped to take some pics. When we got to the end of the canal, we decided to walk Regency Park. I will save that for another post 
as it was so beautiful it deserves its' own post.

 I love love loved Camden Town and Camden Lock Market.
 And I can’t wait to go back!

It was so different from anywhere else with lots of unique stores
and so many food stalls. I highly recommend a visit.
It's well worth it and super fun.

Are you a fan of outdoor markets??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Jenn

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  1. London has the best transit system - especially compared to Boston LOL!! Looks like such a fun day in Camden town and somewhere I definitely need to go! xo, Bian a-BlovedBoston

  2. Camden town or bust!! What fun! Outdoor markets are the best! You guys had a ball I tell ya!!

  3. that looks so fun! i love outdoor markets. and you sold me on a skull bag - want to see! :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. oh wow.. so cool. Looks like a wonderful time

  5. This looks like such a fun part of London! Outdoor markets are some of my favorite to shop at!

  6. This looks awesome. I just love markets. I'll have to add it to my someday England list! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. Such a cute part of town, and love that canal walk! Will definitely have to add Camden to my must see list for London <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. This area looks so cool! I love all the colored houses! The stores sound unique and different and so does the outside market concept.

  9. You know I think I went there a while ago when I visited London when I was in high school. I was a goth then and remember finding some cool goth stuff. I even have one mohair knit spider web top that I kept even though I no longer where it.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  10. What a cute little area! I would love to visit. :)

  11. What a fun place! I love all the colored row houses. I hope to visit London one day, will definitely have to add Camden to the list of places to visit!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  12. Such pretty sites and scenes to give us a glimpse of Camden!

  13. That's so cool you had a good time there! I love Camden and glad to hear you did too!

  14. Beautiful pictures! I want to see England someday.


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