Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Fancies-Serious Sparkle

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Serious Sparkle


This week's Friday Fancies theme is Serious Sparkle.  When I first heard this week's theme, I was a little apprehensive. Now, I work with dresses and I love sparkle, you would think it would be quite easy for me to put a look together. Nope, not at all.  I can find you a dress that will look fantastic on you but as for putting it all together, well, I always struggle with that. The reason for that is everyone has their own idea of what they like and sometimes it's hard to look beyond that.

People see an all sequin dress and run the other way. They shouldn't, with the right fit and the right cut, a sequin dress can be fabulous!! I'm a big fan of bracelet sleeves on dresses, there is something so regal about it to me. I will be honest, I hate my arms and always have them covered. Perhaps that's why I'm so draw to dresses with bracelets sleeves.

My advice to anyone looking for a dress, is to have an open mind and try them on. Most dresses do not have any hanger appeal, so try something on that you normally wouldn't. That one dress you were going to overlook because it didn't look good on the hanger could be THE dress you were looking for but didn't think it would look good on you. 

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  1. That dress is striking! Happy Friday!

  2. That clutch is awesome! Love it.

  3. ohh love that dress i too love long sleeves on dresses! it helps cover up my arms hahahaha.

    and that GORGEOUS diamond bracelet is not too shabby either haha :p

  4. Such a great dress! The color is stunning!

  5. That dress is absolutely gorgeous!


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