Monday, May 11, 2015


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Oh Monday, you show up so early.
why why why.

Since I'm a terrible blogger and did not do anything of 
interest this weekend, I'm sharing "four things" about me.
I have seen this all over the blog world and thought it would make a fun post.

Here goes...

Four Nicknames
Mary Ree

Four Jobs I've Had
Paper Route
 Cheerleading Coach
 Sales Associate
Marketing & Public Affairs Assistant

Four Movies I've Watched More than Once
The Notebook 
The Young Victoria
Gone with the Wind
What A Girl Wants

Four Things in My Purse
 Baby Wipes 

Four Books I Would Recommend
Cry, the Beloved
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Anne of Green Gables
Pride & Prejudice

Four Places I've Visited
London, England
Paris, France
Capri, Italy
Barcelona, Spain

Four Places to Visit on My Bucket List
Postiano, Italy

Four of My Favorite Foods
Almond Crossiants
French Bread

Four TV Shows I Watch
Games of Thrones

Four Things I'm Looking Forward in 2015
Lazy days at the beach
Girls trip to Nantucket this summer
Family vacation planning
Not as much sNOw as 2014

There is it.
Four things about me in a nutshell.

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Carissa from Carissa Jaded // Christina from The New Mrs. // Emily from Martinis and Bikinis

Tell me four things about you,
I love hearing from you!
Best, Marie

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  1. i love these lists! ugh isn't barcelona just the bestest? and hawaii is somewhere you must go! and great shows list! all good ones :) happy monday!

  2. I seriously forget how awesome What A Girl Wants is - when Amanda Bynes was in her prime LOL! Can't wait to see you tonight! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Always love these posts, and YAY for Gone with the Wind! One of my all time favs :)

  4. I love these posts! Hawaii is definitely on my bucket list too.

  5. Barcelona is totally on my bucket list!!! I would love to know your thoughts on it!

  6. Hawaii is definitely on my bucket list too and almond croissants? Never tried (or heard of) that before. Where do you find those? lol

  7. Nashville has gotten so good lately! I am hoping for not as much snow too!

  8. Ohh so jealous of your Barcelona and Italy trips! Definitely two places on my bucket list! And Hawaii is a definite must visit. I spent two weeks there going to different islands and I LOVE it!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  9. ahhhh i love what a girl wants!! haha love it. and hey pride & prejudice!! lol. i haven't read the other books you'd recommend though!

  10. Fun idea for a blog post! I wish I was going on a girls trip to Nantucket this summer, too!!!

  11. You have been to so many places!!! Love your movie list, I haven't seen What a Girl Wants in a long time. I love that they play the Meredith Brooks song in that movie :)

  12. I love The Notebook and Pride & Prejudice. Sometimes weekends of doing nothing are the best!

    Her Heartland Soul

  13. A paper route huh, haha my friend and I tried to deliver the pennysaver that lasted a whopping weekend, egads it was so much work for next to no money. Oh boy that was a life lesson learned.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  14. I love getting to know more about you! I am so jealous of your international trips for sure! And yes to Gone with the Wind! I'm trying to remember to start watchign Nashville! xo

  15. Now out of those 4 movies, which is your favorite? :]

    // ▲ ▲

  16. I think we're on the same blogging page today! My weekend was nothing to put in the books so I opted for the "four" post today as well! Love your list!

  17. Fingers crossed for not as much snow in 2015, that is for sure! And I'm loving Nashville this season - I don't want it to end tomorrow!

  18. loved learning more about you. i've always wanted to visit spain. i am heading to the beach next week!


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