Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday's Favorites

Linking up with Meet @ the Barre.



Outside  by Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding

This song is so fantastic.
I have been listening to it non-stop.
I pretty much love everything by Calvin Harris.
Looking forward to hearing the rest of his new album.


Tory Burch York Tote

I have had my eye on this bag for some time.
Finally, I decided to just get it.


It's a great work bag. 
It has a ton of room and 
I love all the pockets (6 of them)
It's like a built-in bag organizer,
I love bags with lots of pockets!!

All my stuff fits in and I still have room left over.

The only thing I don't like is that the large zipper pocket (it's in the middle of the bag),
is not sewn into the bottom of the bag. So sometimes, my change purse gets stuck under neath it.  That is my only complaint about the bag.
As for the thin straps, they don't dig into my shoulders at all.
However, I think they could depending how much you carry.

All in all, I think it's a great work bag.
If you are looking for a big work bag with lots of
 pockets to keep you organized this is a winner!!

Tory Burch York Tote

Kelly Clarkson singing Sam Smith's Stay with me.

She does such an amazing job with this song. 


1) New Christmas Drink at Starbucks, Chestnut Praline Latte

2) Cold Weather Essentials
Great layering tips.

3) Remembering Oscar De La Renta
A true gentleman, May He Rest in Peace.

4) 20 Styles to wear to any job.
Love this!!


My heart has been very heavy this week.
Earlier this week, I learned of the sudden passing of a dear family friend.
When I found out, I was not only shocked but angry and filled with much sadness.
A dear friend gone way too soon.
I found this quote earlier this year and it just stuck with me.

Always let the people you love know that they are loved.
For you never know what may happen.


That wraps up my Friday's Favorites.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

What are you favorites this week??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!

Best, Mree
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wish List Wednesday

What I'm wishing for...

Amber Sceats Ear Cuff

Tory Burch Duck Boots

Elizabeth & James Sweater

Gap Cords
Hello Kitty Hand Held Mirror

Hermes Bracelet

What's on your wish list??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Mree
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Morning Gossip & Weekending

Linking up with Leann Kimberlee for Monday Morning Gossip.
Linking up with B Loved BostonChampagne and Surburbs for Weekending.

Happy Monday!!!

Here are some pictures from the Halloween Party.

Halloween Candy Mix

And without further ado, 

Our Costumes

When we saw these headbands, we were like that s it.
Those are our costumes!!
Made dressing up so easy.

The party was so much fun!!
The weather was so nice here on Saturday 
that we got to spend most of the party outside.
In New England, you have to enjoy the good weather, 
while you can. 

How was your weekend??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Mree

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday's Favorites

Linking up with Meet @ the Barre.



Habits (Stay High) by Trove Lo

This is my new jam. 
I totally sing along whenever it comes on the radio. 
Is it me or does the radio play the same songs over and over again??
Why buy them anymore??


DevaCurl Styling Cream

Anyone with curly hair knows, frizz isn't our friend.
Most frizz products are heavy and can't be used in fine hair like mine.
Unless, I want my hair to be a grease factory.

I had been using this when my hair was damp.
However, my hair was so out of control the other day, 
I decided to use it when it was all dry.

What a difference. 

Totally got rid of my frizz and helped hold my curls all day long. 
The best part it did not make my hair crunchy or greasing.


 I only use a dime size amount.
It's a great product for curly hair that is also fine.

The only downside is the price.
$25 dollars
For me it's well worth it.
I have tried so many other products and they just don't work well with my hair.
If you have any recommendations for fine curly hair, PLEASE let me know.

Deva Curl


Grant proposes to Demi Lovato.

Watch this adorable little boy (he is 4 years old) 
as he proposes to Demi.

So CUTE!!!


Halloween Trash Candy

I have made this before and let me tell you it's delicious!! 
And it's real easy to make.
Since I'm going to a Halloween party this weekend, 
I thought this would be the prefect thing to make. 

Visit Sugary Sweet for the recipe.


I was recently taking to my friend about her young daughter (9)
 and how she doesn't think she is beautiful like her classmates.
 It really broke my heart because I was that little girl.
In elementary school, I was bullied, told I was ugly and fat.
All the time, it was really really bad. 
 It really affected me and I think deep down it still does to this day.
Words sometimes hurt more than bruises.

Every woman is beautiful.


That wraps up my Friday's Favorites.

JenniSIxx and I are going to our friend's Halloween party!!
We are both so excited. 
Wait til you see our costumes!!
So fab!! LOL.
Watch Instragram for updates.


What are you favorites this week??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!

Best, Mree
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