Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What I'm loving Wednesday and Hump Day Confessions

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I confess that I'm very lucky to get four weeks vacation a year 
and can carry over two years worth of time.
 However, I actually have more time than is allowed,  
so I have start using it or I'm going to lose it.
Planning how to use it, isn't easy due to various
factors, but I do not want to lose my time.
I know I could have bigger problems.

I'm loving my Mansur Gavriel bag.
 I bought it a few months ago and never really used it.
It's such a great work bag and I love how 
lightweight it is even with all the junk I carry.
Photo by Rebecca Murray Photography

I confess that I accidentally wore the same dress pants two days in a row.
Didn't even realize it, until I got home from work.
Perhaps, I shouldn't buy two of the exact same pairs. 

I'm loving my new vinyl Funko Pop figures. 
I keep them on my bookcase in my office.
 My office has alot of "personality" in it. ha.
While some work places frown upon that, 
they don't here. In fact, my boss loves it.
My former coworker, now one of my closet friends,
always says "I knew we were would be friends,
 the minute I walked into your office."

I confess that I'm planning our girls trip to Nantucket and I am blown away at
what these hotels charge per night. It's so insane. 
One place, for two two nights, TWO NIGHTS, would be over $1,000! 
 How insane is that? I know Nantucket is expensive but wow.
No wonder people say Nantucket is only for the rich, it really is. 

That is what I'm loving and my confessions this week.

What are yours??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie 

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  1. I think a few long weekends to enjoy the warm weather is a must! Enjoy the time off. Nantucket is so expensive especially in the summer. Crazy!

  2. 4 weeks! lucky duck! i could use that up in a second, hehe. i don't think i've stayed in nantucket but have heard the same.

  3. That vacation time sounds incredible! Start using them up and planning some long summer weekends :)

  4. #3 - lol that happens to me all the time. and #5 - um that is insane! but i still need to go :) happy halfway day chica!

  5. Girl you need to take your time - even if it's just a day of pampering here in Boston - don't lose it!! My manager is actually very adamant about us not losing any of our time!! Umm ya Nantucket is no joke - i wish they would loosen up on their prices!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I doubt if the pants thing was a big deal to anyone but you.
    Ooooo - I hope to hear about all your vaca time soon. Enjoy!

  7. So incredibly jealous of all the time you get off! I only get two weeks but I still have a hard time taking it all off. I guess I'm a bit of a workaholic lol! A girls trip to Nantucket sounds amazing!!

  8. Did you try Air B&B for places to stay in Nantucket? $1000 a night is insane! That's why I go for the day then stay on the Cape!! 😃

  9. You have the best taste in bags! I love that one! Also, why not stay home and do a staycation? Hang out for a few days and do stuff that you want to do. Read, go to the beach, peruse the shelves at Target, get a mani/pedi, go to the spa, hang with friends? I can go on and on. Let me know if you need help planning. Haha!

  10. So happy it's already Wednesday! :) Love that bag too!

  11. i am so jealous of your vacation time. i only get 2 weeks. we get 4 weeks at home so i hate only having 2 weeks here. that bag is gorgeous!

  12. Love that bag... fabulous! And isn't it disgusting how much it is to travel within the US?! It's cheaper for us to leave the country and go to a resort in the Caribbean than it is to visit a city here in the country. Plus all our food and drinks are included in the Caribbean....

  13. A Nantucket girls trip sounds AMAZING but yikes to those prices! Can you rent a little cottage or something using VRBO to make things cheaper? And yay to it already being Wednesday (afternoon)!

  14. Thanks for linking up! I had about 4 weeks of vacation time as well at work. I'm currently using a week off right now (as a staycation- I have a friend in town visiting). I love the picture of the bag. It's a nice bag, but I love the flowers and the statue in the background! :)

  15. Oh man, four weeks??? I wish I got that much time off. I would be doing lots of three day weekends, that is for sure!!!! Even staycations or productive days of running errands or whatever is worth taking that time for :) I love that bag, I can see why it is so perfect for everything.

  16. You can carry over up to 2 years???? That is amazing!!!!! Swoon on your new bag girl I love it!!! Nantucket is crazy for the Summer! 1000 for two nights?????

  17. I have a ton of vacation time too! Too busy to use it.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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