Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shopping Ban-The Final Week

I'm happy to report that my shopping ban has come to end. I'm also happy to report, that I only broke my ban once. For me that is huge as I usually do not stick with things.  Doing this ban, helped me realize a few things.  I thought I would share them with you.

Think before I purchase.
          Do I really need this? Will I use this? Is this going to end up at the bottom of my closet? 

Visualize what I already have.
           Will this go with what I already have? Do I already have something like this?

Am I only buying this because it's on sale?
      We think it's a great deal. But is it a great deal? It's not, if we don't use it.

I did this ban so that I would stop buying so many little things such as makeup bags (have too many to count), lipsticks, lipglosses, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, handbags, etc, etc. You get it, I'm an accessory girl. Love them!

For instances, I have so many handbags, that some days it takes me an hour to decide which one to carry!! I like to build my outfit around my handbag. Yes, I know I'm crazy! I took out my summer handbags over the weekend and realized that I had three handbags that were purchased last summer that I have yet to use. Brand new bags with tags on them. Why haven't I used them is the question. Sadly, I don't know why. 

Even though, my ban is over, I'm going to keep trying to watch what I buy. I'm only going to buy if I have a need for it. No more buying just because.

What do you think of my shopping tips? Do you have any for me? Let me know, I love hearing from you!


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