Monday, May 7, 2012

Ole Mystic Village in Mystic,CT

JenniSixx and I had a TWIN day on Saturday. We drove down to Mystic, CT.  It's a cute little town right on the water with lots of great shops. It's home to Mystic Aquarium, which is one the best aquarium's in the country.  We spent most of time walking around Ole Mystic Village, an outdoor shopping center. 

Me in my Saturday outfit

Army Navy Store

Cute Staircase

Pink and Green 

Water Well


Some of the stores

Munson's Chocolates

Frog Display in Muson's Chocolates

Ole Mistick Villages is a charming little place. The stores are super cute and not touristy.
Visit Ole Mistick Village to learn more.

Mystic, Ct is also home to Mystic Pizza, from the movie Mystic Pizza. The pizza is really a slice of heaven! While we didn't eat there during this trip, we usually do.

This trip, we ate at the restaurant, The Steak Loft, which is Mystic's Best Steakhouse.  It's not the best steakhouse, the steak is blah at best. The best part of this restaurant is the salad bar. We have been to this restaurant before and it's usually pretty good. It could have been an off night but the food was just ok. The service wasn't very good either. We most likely will not be returning there.

Have you been to Mystic, CT?? Where do you go for a day trip? Let me know, I love hearing from you!


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