Monday, March 5, 2018


Today we are linking up with the lovely ladies from The Blended Blogs for
another round of TBB Asks...March- Beauty Edition.

1. Eyelash Curler Yes or No?

Marie-Yes, this is the one I use.
Jenn- NO! I have had too many issues with them, 
so now I refuse to use em. 

2. Favorite Nail Shade?

Marie-I get my nails done but
You Don't Know Jacques by OPI
is my favorite.
Jenn-I too always get my nails done
but I only wear black, year round!

3. Favorite Lipstick Shade?

Marie -So Long  by Lipstick Queen.
Jenn- Viva Glam III by Mac.

4. Blow Dry or Air Dry your hair?

Marie- Air Dry. I got to bed with wet hair in a loose bun.
Wake up with crazy curly hair.
Jenn- Depends on how much time I have.

5. Artificial Nails?

6. Foundation: Yes or No?

Marie- YES, this is my new favorite. 
One of the best foundations on the market!
Try it you will not be disappointed.
Jenn- Marie recommended that foundation
to me and it is awesome!!

7. Hair Up or Hair Down?

Marie- I wear my hair up most of the time.

8. Bar Soap or Body Wash?

Marie- Body Wash,
Kiehl's is my favorite.
Jenn- whatever Marie buys.

9. Bath or Shower? 
Jenn- Shower.

10. Favorite Body lotion?

MarieBody Butter by Kiehl's
Jenn-Don't have one, I just steal Marie's
and she goes crazy but whatever. I just give her 
my sad puppy eyes and she forgives me
especially when I leave the jar empty.

11. Do you wear perfume? Is so, favorite scent?

Marie- Yes, I rotate between this one, this one
and this one.
Jenn- I wear only this one.

12. Do you shave your legs everyday? 

Marie-Ugh not in the winter, more like 
every three days.
Jenn- NO!!

13. Favorite Lip Balm? 

Marie- I use to swear by this one
but now I'm in love with this one.
In fact, since I started using it
my lips have not looked better.
Jenn- Don't have one.

14. How old were you when you first started 
wearing make-up? 

Marie-I think I was around 13. Started 
with eye liner and lip gloss.
Jenn- I was 12. 

As you can see Jenn and I are both makeup junkies 
and have been since a young age.  And as my Grandmother 
always says, "A lady never leaves the house without
her lipstick on." haha

Now it's your turn!!
Leave your answers below.
We love hearing from you!!

Best, Marie & Jenn
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  1. Oh I definitely agree with your grandma!! I've been wanting to try that Dior foundation for a while now!! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. Haha I love your grandma’s saying, so true! And love Kiehl’s products, I need to try that lotion!

  3. you can get a lash lift which is a semi-permanent lash "perm" lasts for 6-8wks and you literally never have to curl your lashes during that time!

  4. ha you two are so cute. i have yet to figure out a lash curler but i also have curly lashes so i'm lucky. i am a hair down girl too. and yes to lipstick!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Do you guys live together? Jenn, stop stealing all of Marie's stuff! My mom used to say to never leave the house without blush because "you look washed out without it" but I never listened!

  6. My great grandma said that too about the lipstick, she also said as we get older we need to cover our aging necks, now I know why she had the most gorgeous neck scarf collection. Too funny how Jenn takes your stuff! Love your picks in Lipstick!

  7. I will have to check out that foundation. I was underwhelmed with Fresh Sugar lip stuff. I mean, its alright and I like it...but I dont see what the hype is about lol.

  8. I like Jenn's answer of whatever Marie buys. Ha. I feel like this post was made for you. You helped me with foundation and I love mine now.

  9. i go to bed with wet hair too, but not in a bun. i don't think it would dry if i did that but i might give it a try. who shaves their legs everyday?! lol

  10. I'm one of those weirdos that shaves every day or every other day, and I'm still afraid of eyelash curlers :-P
    Green Fashionista


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