Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Glossier NYC Showroom

123 Lafayette St., Penthouse 
New York, NY 10013

While I was in NYC back in December, 
I decided to stop by the Glossier Showroom 
as I really wanted to check out their products
in person. I couldn't have been more disappointed.

First of all, I made a reservation online
which was a waste of time as no one asked me for my 
tickets or if I even had a reservation. You walk into a small foyer and 
wait in a long line for the elevator to take you to the penthouse;
the elevator fits about five people in it. Tickets do not
give you a fast pass for the elevator. It can
 take an extra 20 minutes to get up to the showroom.
Not really sure why they have a reservation system.
It was completely pointless. But their system sent me various 
text messages and emails to remind me of my reservations!

Birthday Cake Dot Balm

As soon as you walk out of the elevator you are in the
 showroom. It was beyond packed with people, literally sitting
on the floor waiting for their friends, who were shopping.

Now onto the staff, they couldn't have been more UNHELPFUL.
They don't smile at you, they don't say hello, they
 don't ask you if you need help. They are literally just standing 
around showing no emotions. They not only looked cold and 
unfriendly, they were!  I asked one girl if I could try 
something and she looked at me like I had ten heads. 
She then points to the item (it was concealer)
and says it is right there. No "oh let me tell you about 
our concealer."  She made it clear that I was bothering her
with my stupid question. What a moron, I am.

It was such a turn off. Also, they do not have any products 
on the floor.  It's only tester, after tester.
You have to fill out these little cards and give them
to the sales girls and they put it all in an iPad. Then you 
stand around (and around) and wait for another one to 
come out of the back with your bag, shouting your name. 
And of course, they said Maria so I didn't respond (at first)
because my name is not Maria. But then when she said my 
last name, I was like oh that is me. Couldn't even 
even get my first name right?? Doesn't even say sorry
when I say it's Marie. It's not mispronouncing my name,
it's calling me a different name!! But I will
get off that soapbox. 


I picked up two of the Haloscope which 
are their highlighters. I got Quartz and Moonstone.
Honestly, I wish I didn't like them so much
because I have a hard time giving them
my business. I almost left without
buying anything but since I went out of my way
to get there, I decided to just buy them.

I have been a sales associate for a very long time 
and would never treat anyone as I was treated here.
In fact, I would probably be fired if I did. Perhaps, 
this place has a different view of customer service and I'm just not
hip enough or whatever, I honestly don't know.
But, I totally understand why people shop online
rather than in person. Sadly, I still prefer to shop in
 person but this is one store I will never return to. And I most 
likely will not repurchase anything from them 
again. They just lost a customer but 
I'm sure they don't care. One unhappy customer
means nothing to companies anymore.

 The only good thing that came out of the visit is
all purchases come with a cute pink
plastic zippered pouch.

Wow, did you read all that?? Sorry, I didn't mean
for this post to be so long. I rarely complain
about bad customer service but this place took the cake.
I do like their products, so I would tell someone to check
 them out (online) but I would tell you NOT to visit 
their showroom. It's a waste.

What do you do when you like a product but not the store?
Is this why everyone shops online to avoid
the nasty sales people??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie

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  1. oh glossier. a product i have yet to try and that is sad they were such a disappointment. i do love their packaging though. but it's no wonder since they've gotten such a cult following. sorry you had a shit experience!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Dang it, just think how wonderful they could’ve made the experience. Too bad and sad. Have a great day beautiful!

  3. It’s good that you complained because too often people just blog about rainbows and butterflies but we need to know about these negative experiences - so thank you! There’s. I thing more than I hate than rude customer service. And since you experienced it on every level, it’s not like one person was just having a bad day.

  4. wow, what a horrible experience. can you put in a complaint somewhere? they should know what kind of impression they are leaving on people. maybe it's not just you, so they will have to take notice. i shop online because i don't like people in general, and i like to browse and i feel like sometimes it's easier online (i can compare things better or look through every single option, try to find it cheaper elsewhere etc) but bad customer service is 100% a turn off for me. i would email a complaint, they should know. they weren't just so-so they were specifically rude to you. screw that.

  5. Bad customer service is my NUMBER ONE pet peeve! Ugh that blows!

  6. That's too bad it wasn't a great experience. Bad customer service is the worst and something I just can't tolerate! And what a silly reservation system!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  7. That sucks that they were so rude to you. I hate giving my business to shops that are rude.

  8. How have I still not tried Glossier? But man alive... bad customer service is an immediate turn off for me for brands/stores. So sorry <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. I'm so bummed to hear that it was a bad experience. I love all of Glossier's products so it's unfortunate that their experience isn't top-notch as well.

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