Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Five

I cannot believe that this is the last Friday
in February. Is time just flying by or is it me?
I cannot believe March is next week.

Here is my Friday Five.


Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift

I have never been a huge fan of Taylor Swift's 
music but I'm loving all her new stuff.
This song is so catchy and I have
been playing it non-stop.


19 Things Non-Twins Will Never Understand
Can you tell us apart??
Jenn sent me this on Monday and I couldn't stop
laughing. Do yourself a favor and read the article. 
It's hilarious and oh so true.
No. 17 is my favorite.


Galentine's Day Blogger Exchange

I love blogger exchanges because I love meeting new bloggers.
I'm not sure who got me because there was 
no card in the package but I loved my gift.
I'm in love with the body scrub, it smells so good.
Thank you so much for the gift, it was awesome!


Boston Accent Trailer- Late Night with Seth Meyers

This is a wickah hilarious skit of the Boston accent.
I DO NOT sound like this.
Ok, ok, maybe a little.
I do say wickah (wicked to you) alot.




That wraps up my Friday Five.
I'm off today, spending time 
with some friends.
The time off is much needed.
Working six days a week gets tiring 
after a while. Thankfully, I have a
generous amount of vacation time to use.

Have a Wonderful Weekend

What are you loving this week??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie

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  1. Love the Boston Accent video - that is too funny!! Funny enough I havent met too many people with that thick of an accent but when Gary says Wicked, I give him the side eye like where did that come from LOL! Hope you have a great weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I can't believe February is almost over either! Crazy! What a fun Galentine's Day exchange. Love that idea!

  3. You are a gem Marie, one of the kindest bloggers I know!! Oh my, so I heard T Swift's Out of the Woods with her doing it accoustically and I LOVED it!! She is such an amazing songwriter!! I hope this weekend is glorious for you, you glorious, gorgeous gal!!

  4. enjoy your day off chica! you totally deserve it. those 1 day off a week isn't cutting it if you ask me :) and yay for taylor! i love love that song/video. i saw a behind the scenes thing of how she filmed it and it's pretty neat!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. How is it already the last weekend in February? It's so mind blowing! I love Taylor so much, but you're so right that this album is so catchy and so much fun! I can't stop singing all of her new songs! It sounds like you got some great goodies from the Swap, but that sucks that you didn't get a card! Hopefully they'll comment so you can know who it was!

  6. Lol @ the twin article, though I don't think I'd like sharing my birthday very much! I'm going to take a guess and say you're the one in the red glasses?! Happy Friday off!

  7. Taylor Swift is my fave! I love that quote. That is so true! You will never regret being kind! Great find! Have a fabulous day off! xo

  8. February really did just zip by didn't it? That TS song is the best!!!

  9. I'm so glad you are finally taking a much deserved day off! Love that last quote btw!

  10. I love that quote pin! So true!

    Your Galentine's gift looks awesome!

  11. Glad you had fun with the exchange! (The girl who gave to you was Kim Rose. I just looked it up). Yay for a day off-I hope you are getting a lot of relaxing in! :)

  12. it's like i blinked and february was over. it went so fast that i didn't even realize that my friend's baby shower is tomorrow and i had to rush and get her a gift :s

  13. Your package from the exchange is so pretty! Looks like some great stuff!

  14. wickah?! haha hilarious. i wish i'd moved to boston instead of KY because i reckon i'd fit in! our accents are fairly similar. i actually get asked a lot of i am from there and i'm like for real?!
    i am not a twin, but my brother and i are 11 months apart so we always had joint birthday parties. super fun. not. haha. 17 is funny - i think the same thing about spouses.. like if someone tells me something that they don't want my husband to know.. they shouldn't tell me haha.

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