Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Five

Yay for Friday!!
It was another long week
and I'm so happy that the weekend is here.
Work has been so draining lately and 
I look forward to my one day off a week.

Here is my Friday Five.


When We Were Young by Adele

I have been listening to this song
I cannot get enough of it. 
It's such a great song.


Cinderella Shoes

One of my favorite museum's is the Victoria and Albert Museum 
in London. I saw this in the e-newsletter that I subscribe to and
just had to share it. If you love Cinderella as much as I do,
you will love this video about her shoes.


GlamGlow YouthCleanse Daily Exfoliating Cleanser

I am so in love with this exfoliating cleanser.
It works so well and really makes my skin glow.
It helps make my skin brighter and softer.
However, it is on the strong side so I only 
use it a few times a week. It's too strong
for me to use everyday.
Neiman Marcus


Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

Do I even need to say anything else??
Doesn't this sound incredible??

Visit here for the recipe.
Lauren Conrad


Sometimes it is hard for me to put into
words how I feel. This quote pretty
much sums up how I have been feeling.
I had to share with all of you.

That wraps up my Friday Five.
I know it's Valentine's Day Weekend
and the single gal in me is ignoring it
as best I can. haha However, I do appreciate 
all the pink and hearts everywhere.

Have a Wonderful Weekend.

What are you loving this week??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie

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  1. loved the cinderella shoes! i just came from her castle this past week.

  2. Oh my gosh that cocktail is pretty amazing!!! I hope you have a great weekend...enjoy your day off girl! xo, Biana --BlovedBoston

  3. Yes to Adele! So happy this girl is back... she's ridiculously amazing!

  4. sending you ALL the love this weekend. single girls unite! that adele song has been in my head all morning hearing it on the way to work and it's all i can do to not belt it out right now haha. have a good day off chica :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Adele can do no wrong in my book, her words hit it spot on and her songs touch my heart so deeply! OK I need that cotton candy champagne martini like right now! You know I had a cotton candy cocktail in the Cayman Islands and it was amazing but to add my favorite, Champagne, and I will be over the moon and probably Blitzed no time because I'd be drinking nonstop, ha ha. I hope your Valentines weekend is beautiful sweet friend, may it be full of laughter, smiles and so much love!

  6. What a great little roundup!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  7. Ohhh I love that Adele song so much. But it makes me so sad. I went out with a big group of college friends over Christmas and it was the best time. The next day I just listened to that song and was so sad! We're so old! Ha!

    Happy early Galentine's day!! :)

  8. That song is amazing! Love it...hope you get to relax on your day off. Enjoy!!

  9. That quote is spot on! And that GlamGlow sounds awesome! Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. That quote is spot on! And that GlamGlow sounds awesome! Thanks for the recommendation!

  11. Love the Adele song and that cocktail sounds absolutely amazing. It makes me ready for spring!

    Darling, Dearest

  12. I LOVE Adele's new album. I've heard Hello 18 million times and I'm STILL not tired of it. I still belt it out like nobody's business every time it comes on in the car. Hehe.

  13. Oh gosh I'm basically ob-sessed with that song! Also, lets cheers to that cocktail immediately! Yum! Have a great weekend pretty lady! xo

  14. Glamglow can do no wrong, and neither can Adele! Sorry you had such a draining week, hope you can find some relaxation this weekend <3
    Green Fashionista

  15. when we were young is probably my favourite song on the entire album :)
    love that sadness quote, that really is so true. i don't enjoy being down, sad or making mistakes... but how would i learn, grow or move on if i didn't you know?
    have a good weekend girl! i need that cocktail in my life in about an hour haha

  16. Oh yeah have to be careful with strong cleansers and such, I think I am having an allergic reaction to this new foundation I am using it is driving me nuts.

    Allie of

  17. adele is amazing, AMAZING. her voice is so powerful and she seems so down to earth. have you heard her with that guy who does Carpool Karaoke? she's so adorable!

  18. OMGGGG... cotton candy champagne cocktail?! SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!

  19. Love the two Adele references! That cocktail looks amazing. xo, Champagne&Suburbs

  20. Oh man, the new Adele CD is just perfect! When We Were Young is such a great song! I'm using the green GlamGlow, but the black one sounds like a great cleanser too! I'm almost out, so I might have to try it out when mine runs out.

  21. Adele can't be stopped! I love her too.

    7% Solution

  22. I'm obsessed with When We Were Young. Amazing.


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