Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Five

Oh Friday, how I love you!
This has been a hellish week for me.
Work has been so crazy, I have worked
a little over 60 hours. Ugh.
I'm so happy that it's now over.

Let's get right to my favorites this week. 

Ted 2
If you loved the first movie, you will love this one.
It is just as funny as the first one.
To be honest, I didn't think it would be as good.
The second movie never is but this one was just as funny.
I left the movie theater still laughing.

Superga 2210 COTW Slip-ons
I have blogged about my love of these sneakers before
In fact,I  love them so much I went out and got them in gray.
These are by far the most comfortable slip-ons I have ever had.
I have been wearing them non-stop. 
I love the gray for summer.


Kiehl's Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish
I'm loving this body scrub by kiehl's. 
Well, to be honest, i love the smell.
It's a great body scrub that does not 
leave your skin feeling dry.
Thanks to the almond oil in it, it leaves my skin
soft and smooth. Love this stuff.

Neiman Marcus

Summer Style
I'm loving each one of these outfits.
So perfect for summer.



That wraps up my Friday Five.
So happy that the weekend is here 
even though I have no plans.
I plan on doing alot of nothing.

Have a Wonderful Weekend.

What are your fave's this week?
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie

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  1. I have to admit, I do want to see the second Ted, I thought the first one was pretty funny!! I love your summer outfit inspiration - hope you have a relaxing weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I have not seen the first Ted, I have been meaning to get around to it! I am loving all of your summer outfit picks! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  3. loving allll of those outfits! and anything kiehls is alright in my book - i haven't tried that polish yet but it looks fab! xo

  4. I definitely need to go see Ted 2. I've heard it was really good! I'm just sad Mila isn't in it, I loved their dynamic in the first one. And that first look is my summer go to! Love it! Have a great weekend girl!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. that body polish sounds SO yummy!! i haven't seen Ted yet-the orig.

  6. I loved Ted! We still need to see Ted 2!

  7. Uhhh those little sneakers are absolutely adorable!! I need something like that for my part time job and running errands so I think I'm going to order a pair- happy Friday to me! I'm excited to hear Ted 2 was good, I have to say I'm curious and want to see it!

    Southern Belle Secrets

  8. I love the shirt in the first outfit you posted. I'm a sucker for anything stripes.

  9. i haven't seen the first ted, i'll have to watch it before the 2nd. love the new shoes, and all the summer outfits!

  10. that summer style is awesome! I'll take it all. And I really want to see "Ted 2" but knowing me, I'm sure I'll wait until it's available to rent.

  11. I love the summer outfits and that quote!

  12. I would marry mark wahberg in a heartbeat! hahaha loooove him!

    Happy weekend friend! xo

  13. Hope you have a fabulous weekend after working such long hours this week! Loving those summer outfits :)

  14. Kiehls is the best! I am obsessed with their products! I have to look into that scrub! Honey is my fave! Thanks for sharing! Have a fabulous weekend!

  15. Ahh I completely forgot Ted 2 just came out...that sounds perfect to do this weekend. Love the first two outfits!

  16. I really liked the first Ted so I am sure I'd like the second one! Love all the summer outfits, especially the fedora one.

  17. I love Fridays!!! So happy for the weekend!
    Melanie @

  18. I've got to get that scrub!!! I'm a bath goodie junkie lol!! And those summer outfits are adorable!!! Great post!!



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