Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Morning Gossip & Weeekending-7 Facts about me.

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Happy Monday.

Today, I'm playing a game. 

My blogger pal, Jess, nominated me for the 7 Facts About Me game.

Here goes.

1)  I only drink ice coffee.

 Even when its below zero, I will get ice coffee.
Love love love it!! 
Oh and I prefer flavored coffee.
French Vanilla is my favorite.

2)  I HATE having my photo taken.

However, I love love taking pictures. 
My Twinee, JenniSixx LOVES having her picture taken but not me.
I love taking pictures of everything but cringe every time someone takes my picture.

3) I'm super sensitive.

I take everything personal and to heart. 
Everyone who knows me knows how sensitive I am including my bosses.
It's both my best and worse quality.
In fact, I'm so sensitive that I'm happy to give some of it to Brad Pitt.

4) I always talk for my twin.

My Twinee was painfully shy when she was little so I would do all the talking for her.
I still do it til this day. Like all the time. 
And yes, I have pretended to be her.

5) I'm a purse addict.

I LOVE purses, they are my favorite thing to buy.
I have so many that my grandmother jokes, they need their own apartment. Ha.
 At last count, I had well over 50. 

6) I think my first name is an old lady name.

It's Marie for those wondering. 
Go to any bakery on or before a Holiday and I can GUARANTEE 
there is an elderly lady name Marie in the crowd. 
I go crazy when people call me Maria. 
That is NOT my name! 
But I don't mind if you call me Jenn (my Twinee's name).
It always makes me laugh when people confuse us 
since we look nothing alike.

7) I love being a twin.
It's who I am and I would never not want to be a twin.
She has been my best friend since we were wombmates.
Although, I wouldn't mind my own birthday cake!!

Well, that wraps up 7 facts about me.

I'm nominating JenniSixx, Rebecca, and Amanda.

Thanks for reading!!
What is a fact about you??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!

Best, Mree

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  1. I'm with you on being a purse addict and I would have never guessed that you don't like having your picture taken!!

  2. I think it's so awesome you're a twin. I love my sisters, I can't imagine if we were twins!

  3. I only drink iced coffee too! I'm just not really a fan of hot coffee although I will drink it if I have to. And I'm definitely a purse addict.

    <3, Pamela

  4. I love French Vanilla coffee too. Iced even in the Winter but I like hot coffee too. I am so not a fan of having my picture taken.

  5. Thanks for the nomination girl I'll add it to my post tomorrow! I love ice coffee as well! Have you had the cold brew concentrate yet from Trader Joe's? It is so good I bought like the last 3 of them at my store. Ohhhh your closet must be like the Carrie Bradshaw of handbags which one is your favorite? I love twins so much! Whenever I have patients who are twins I always drill the parents about all things twins :-)

  6. Iced coffee is my favorite too, though if it is cold outside or I am not feeling well...I will drink it warm. I love purses too! I dont have near as many as I used to, I sort of have become a snob over the last 10 or so years and only have designer purses and have given away all my others. They were the only ones I would use so I figure why take up that precious space, my shoes have more room now!

    When I was younger, my grandmother told me that twins runs in our family and that mine/my sister's generation was the next in line. My sister hasn't had any twins. I don't think we are planning on having any kids but it would be interesting to see if she was right!

  7. dont worry marie is NOT a granny name! when i think grandmas i think blanche or dorothy ;) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. I'm with you! Purses are definitely my weakness. Also, I love iced coffee! xoxo

  9. What fun facts. Glad I got to know you more. I don't Marie is that much of an old lady name. Gertrude or Edna on the other hand lol

    Thanks for linking up with MMG as always :)


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