Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beauty Crawl at Lynnfield Market Street

Recently, JenniSixx and I attended the Beauty Crawl at Lynnfield Marketplace.  
It was the opening night of Be Styled and MiniLuxe
 A fun night of pampering and pampered we were!! 

First up, we headed to Be Styled, a blow dry bar. 
While we were getting our hair done, we were lucky enough to have Nick Penna, Jr. Creative Director of BeStyled stop by and chat with us. What a sweet guy. And very stylish!
 He made a point to speak to every person at the event and was quite engaging. 
You do not always see that. Everyone at BeStyled was beyond sweet.
They are now also offering makeup services. We didn't have a chance to get our makeup down (we ran out of time) but it's totally something on our twin to-do list.
 We both loved the way our hair came out.
Seriously, we cannot say enough good things about BeStyled.
This place just rocks!!

Photo by JenniSixx

Makeup Menu

Next up was manicures at  MiniLuxe
JenniSixx and I were both taken aback at how pretty this place was. It's quite fancy but without all that pomp that you would expect. As we were browsing around, MiniLuxe's CEO, Sue Thrilwall came over and introduced herself to us. She explained the concept behind MiniLuxe which is a relaxing CLEAN environment. We were both very impressed by her friendliness and knowledge. The place was so clean and did not smell like a normal nail salon. Our mani's were relaxing and came out quite well. We even got to keep the nail file and buffer. Love that!! If you don't want them, they throw them out.
 This place is all about being sterile. Also love that!! 

Photo by Mree

Photo by Mree

We very much enjoyed getting our hair and nails done. Both are things we do often and are thrilled to have a new place to go. If we could, I think JenniSixx and I would be at BeStyled once a week. Seriously,  $35 for a blowout that lasts three to four days?? You cannot beat that.
As for MiniLuxe, it's not your average nail salon so it can get pricey. However, they do a fantastic job and you cannot beat how clean and sterile it is. Well worth it.

 It was such a fun night.
We chatted with some amazing people and were pampered all at the same time.
How great was that? Who doesn't love that?
JenniSixx and I both made future appointments at each place. 

Huge thank you to BeStyled and MiniLuxe for a fabulous night.

Have you been to Lynnfield Market Street Shops??
Let us know, we love hearing from you!!
Best, Mree & JenniSixx

Be Styled  and Miniluxe services were provided for free.
 All opinions are mine and Jennisixx's own

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  1. It was such a fun night! Thanks to everyone for hooking us up!!

  2. omgosh what a fun event! ok i know this is about beauty but i cannot get over your jewelry!! your rings are AMAZEBALLS!


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