Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Fancies-Lovely Layers

Linking up with {av} for Friday's Fancies.

Lovely Layers


This week's Friday Fancies theme is Lovely Layers. It's New England,  layering is absolutely necessary.  While we haven't had much snow, it has been very cold, bitter cold that shakes you to your core . Outside, you are freezing, however, once you get inside, you are roasting. Layering is the only way to go. It drives me crazy how hot some places are, like the mall! Why are they so hot?? Anyone else feel this way? 

My outfit was inspired by my actual wardrobe as this is my typical Friday attire. Sadly, I do not have that Louis Vuitton bag. I wouldn't mind adding it to my collection!! Ha, I say that every week don't I?? Lol.

Have a FAB weekend!!

My weekend is already over with since we are getting a blizzard and are expecting up to 33 inches of snow. Yikes, that's alot of shoveling.
Stay safe New Englanders!!

Much thanks to {av} for letting me link up for Friday's Fancies!
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What do you think of my outfit??
 Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, M.

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  1. I need to invest in a chambary top. There's a storm rollin into Tahoe too. Sounds like a cozy weekend inside.


  2. Great layers! I love that big sweater! I seriously need one of those!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Oh hey--- I did a chambray shirt too :) Love your look girl!


  4. I love that cardigan! It is so cute with the little bow :)


  5. Great outfit! Love that cardigan!

    Happy Friday & Have a great weekend!!
    World According to Shia

  6. So sweet selection !

    I love your blog and your univers :)
    Please come on my blog Kisses

  7. you're right - the mall is ALWAYS hot. this layered look is lovely - i love the chambray, paired with the brown details. makes both pop!

  8. See this whole storm you guys are having is what scares me from moving back there haha! Stay warm!!

    I love that sweater. So cute :)

  9. i love this! such a chic look but i loved how you toughened it up with the moto boots!! love love it!

  10. I love the chambray shirt! And you paired it perfectly with the boots and that bag! I might have to rock this look!!
    Great post!


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