Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Storm Nemo


In pictures.

Start of the storm-Friday, Feb. 8th-3pm

Friday Night-9pm

Friday Night, 9pm.

Saturday Morning-8am.

Saturday Morning
Saturday Morning, This is the road in front of my building. 
Saturday afternoon around 1pm.

        We had a little storm here in Massachusetts called Nemo. Talk about snow!! I think we got around 30 inches, give or take a few. After 25 inches, it's all the same. I'm happy to report that we were only stuck at home for a day and a half, it really wasn't that bad. 
We passed the time watching TV, baking, and shoveling.

The downside was the shoveling!! It was brutal, took hours.
Oh how I wish I had a parking garage.

Hope you stayed safe in the storm!!

If you were stuck indoors for a few days, what would you do?
Let me know, I love hearing from you!
Best, M.

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  1. I have seriously never seen more snow in my life! Apparently we are supposed to get snow this weekend and this current stuff is turning to ice!!

    Stay safe and warm :)


  2. Glad you made it through. It was all over our news all weekend here in CA. From afar it sure does look pretty. But I'm happy to have not been in it ;)

  3. Glad to hear you survived Nemo! That's a lot of snow. Hope you made a snowman :)


  4. Glad to hear you are okay. That sucks about the shoveling ... hope you are staying warm.

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