Thursday, September 27, 2012

Recently, JenniSixx and I spent the weekend in Virginia and Washington, DC. Here are some of the pictures from the weekend. While we enjoyed our time, we did not enjoy the driving. They are crazy drivers down there and we were constantly getting lost. GPS wasn't any help!!

Georgetown, DC

Georgetown, DC

Georgetown Cupcakes-Their first store

Georgeotwn Cupcake

Gucci Fiat

Bobby Long and Mree

We were in town for a concert. The concert was Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, Sam Bradley, and Edward Hartline. I'm a huge Bobby Long fan, he is sooo amazing live.  We had never seen Marcus Foster, Sam Bradley or Edward Hartline. All three were fanastic!! Edward is only 16 years old and what a voice on him. They are all very talented singers and songwriters. Sam and Marcus have a bunch of videos on You Tube. Check them out. You won't be disappointed.

We met some great people, made new friends and enjoyed great music! It was such a fun weekend. We hope to do it again soon. Bobby Long is currently on tour as he is releasing a new CD soon. You should totally check him out. Oh and he is adorable! 

Have you heard of Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, Sam Bradley, and Edward Hartline?
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, M.

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  1. OMGOSH i feel like a total idiot you went to georgetown cupcakes hahahaha!!! it's soo much better than sprinkles right?? i can't believe you guys have it in boston too that's awesome! :)

    1. Georgetown Cupcakes is AMAZING! I try not to walk by the store because it's too tempting!!

  2. ooh that Bobby guy is CUTE! Never heard of him but I am going to check him out (his music I mean ;)

    DC drivers are crazy. And that's coming from a LA girl!

    1. Bobby is playing in LA soon, for dates. He is so good!

      Oh DC drivers!! And they say Bostonians are bad! LOL!


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