Monday, February 26, 2018

Spread the Love Gift Exchange

Today, I'm sharing the goodies I received
from the very sweet Carly for the Spread The Love
Gift Exchange. I adore all the goodies I received.
Seriously, could the socks be any cuter or 
any more me??

How pretty is that necklace and earrings??
I love the heart box that the earrings came in.
So cute!! Thank you so much Carly.

I also want to apologize for my absence. 
 I debated posting this because well, I'm not in a
 good place. You see, my very sweet dear friend passed
away. It was very,very unexpected and to say
that I'm heartbroken would be an understatement.
I had spoken to her a few days before her
untimely passing and she really felt that
she was getting better, abeit slowly. Her death
came as a shock and it's difficult to put
into words all the feelings I'm going through.
They range from shock to anger to heartbreak.
She died from complications from the flu
which has just stunned me. I ask for your 
thoughts and prayers to be with her family
who are devastated and absolutely heartbroken.

Thank you,

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss Marie - I can't imagine what a difficult time you're going through but if you ever need to chat let me know I'd be more than thrilled to meet you for coffee! Losing someone is NEVER easy, but unexpectedly is even harder. thinking of you friend!

  2. Those earrings are really pretty! I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend!

  3. oh my goodness marie - i'm so so sorry to hear about your loss. i cannot believe (even though i hear it often) how people can die from flu complications and this hits close to home for you. sending lots of love and positivity your way

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Marie, my heart is aching for you, this flu is horrible and it breaks my heart, it took your friend! Hugs my sweet girl, hugs!

  5. Oh Marie, so very sorry for the sudden loss of a friend. That is so hard. I lost a friend to cancer 3 years ago, and while it was expected it didn't make the loss any easier. Thanks for sharing the sweet gift even though you didn't feel like it. XOXO

  6. I am so sorry about your friend. I know someone that is fighting for their life after the flu currently, this year has been awful. Sending you lots of hugs.

  7. Oh gosh - I am so sorry - I know how awful it is to loose a friend.

  8. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. The flu has been so scary this year!!! I am sending you all the hugs right now.

  9. I am so sorry to hear about your friend - that's awful. I had the flu, and I've never felt worse in my life. It's been terrifying. I'm sending you all the hugs.

  10. I’m so sorry Marie! I can’t even imagine what it’s like to lose such a dear friend. The flu season has been so terrible this year and effected so many people!

  11. I am so sorry for your loss; that is awful.

  12. Such a sweet gift package of goodies from Carly. I'm deeply sorry to hear about your friend. That's heartbreaking and I'm sending hugs and strength your way. xx Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  13. Marie, I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss. Sending prayers for you.

  14. I'm so, so sorry to hear about your friend. :(

  15. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. Sending my thoughts and prayers your way.


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