Monday, November 27, 2017

Currently...The Twin Edition

Hey Hey!
It's the Twin's.
We thought it would be fun to do a
  currently post, twin edition.

This is what we are currently up to.

 drinking //
Brown Sugar Cinnamon Iced Coffee by Dunkin Donuts.
It's a little bit of sugar cookie mixed with snickerdoodle and it
is so freaking good. And yes, ICED. Always iced,
year round, even if there is snow on the ground.

 listening //
Christmas Music, ALL DAY LONG.
Note-This is because Marie controls the radio in the car.
Jenn is not a fan at all!! You do not listen to Christmas
music before Thanksgiving. She has been listening to it
non-stop since November 1st

This is one the BEST Christmas Songs,
according to Marie only!!

 watching //
 Friends on Netflix. We cannot stop
watching this show. It really was a great show and
oh so funny.
  How you doin???

 wanting //
less Uber and Lyft drivers on the road. It's becoming a huge problem in
the city. They pull over anywhere on the road to pick up or drop off. They are
not paying attention to the road because they are too busy looking at their
GPS. The other day, we saw one go down a one way because he was
not paying attention. He almost hit all the people walking on the sidewalk.
It's a very small street that he went down.  Sorry, but they are making traffic
 even worse than it already is. Boston streets cannot handle all
these extra cars on the road.

 enjoying //
All the holiday lights!! We try to do one holiday thing
a week. This week we are going to see Blink at Fanueil Hall.
Last week, we went to the Enchanted Village. It's a great way
to stay in the holiday spirit but it's not over kill.
Note-Jenn is already tired of all this Christmas music.
 It's like they just play the same five songs over and over again.

loving //
This purse.
I love having a tote that has a zippered closure.
And the leather is gorgeous.Even, Jenn likes it and she
 usually doesn't like my taste in handbags.
Although, it should be noted that she would want one in black.

wearing //
We have been wearing our vests non-stop.
Marie's is navy, Jenn's is black.Yes, we walk around with the same
vests on. Such a twin move!!

smelling //
Sugar Cookies!!
This candle smells just like freshly baked sugar cookies.

daydreaming //
our upcoming trip to NYC for our birthday!!
We cannot wait!! There is something very special about being in NYC
over the holidays. It's a bit magical. 

sales //
Bath and Body Works 3-Wick Candles sale ($8 each) is 
Saturday, December 3rd. We will be stocking up!! 

sales  two //
Case app  is giving all Twin Living 
readers 20% off this holiday season!!  
Use code-MARIEE20 

Code is valid thru 12/24/2017

I so LOVE my Case App phone cases!!

Also, Congrats to Leann, 
she was the winner of the Case App giveaway!!
Thanks to Case App and thanks to all who entered.

That wraps up what the twins have been up to.

Now it is your turn, what have you been up to??
We love hearing from you!!

Marie & Jenn

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  1. Love that you'll be going to NYC to celebrate your birthday's - what a fun time!! I could go for a sugar cookie even though it's not even 7 AM yet lol! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. Friends is one of my fav series ever! i love watching it whenever it comes on TV and i also have the DVD set of the entire series lol

  3. haha i love when y'all do posts together. i am on jenn's side with most of this as i cant handle the christmas music right now (still too soon) and yes to that bag in black - SO cute!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Love the format of this post. I am such an iced coffee person. It wasn't until a few years ago that I tried a Caribou Coffee "Campfire Mocha" (that has hocho style marshmallows on it..) that I liked a hot beverage at all. They are so awful for me though, I wish I didn't love them! Ooh an NYC Bday/Holiday trip sounds fantastic! What will you guys be doing?! We LOVED Anastasia on broadway. SO GOOD. Also, we saw Waitress (touring) and it was fantastic. Jason Mraz is in it right now!! Eep! Have a blast! We got into the habit of buying xmas CDs (yes I know!) at thrift stores in the summers, so I have a hugely long playlist of xmas music. New and old. I love it. I hate hearing just the same ones over and over. We even found a brand new Michael Buble there. It's just nuts. :P XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. Yay for NYC for your birthday, so much fun especially this time of year! Those iced coffees sound delish! <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Hooray for Christmas in NYC for y'all's birthday! It really is so magical in the city this time of the year! And I totally didn't know when the B&BW sale was going to be, and now I'm definitely marking it in my calendar!

  7. Oh, I'd love to see NYC during the holidays. That's on my mom's bucket list actually. I just ordered a vest last week that I hope comes in soon. They are the best!!


  8. Umm I didn't even know that Brown Sugar Cinnamon Iced Coffee was a thing and now I need it in my life!!! And sorry Jenn, but Christmas music starts on November 1 for me too and that Mariah song is such a classic and I cant help but sing along every time!!!! I will totally be going to BBW to get my $8 candles!!! Just in time to get the house smelling good for Zoe's birthday party on Sunday. Yay! Love that you guys are doing festive Christmas activities each week and so jealous of your NYC trip!!

  9. Dunkin here I come, man that brown sugar condition sounds good! Wish I could wear my vest and go get one with you guys! I love my vests! Sugar Cookie candles are the best and even better....NYC for your birthdays!!! Yay!

  10. I'm totally gonna have to try & find a Dunkin's!!!!

  11. Ok, that Dunkin coffee sounds AMAZING! I'm all about the iced coffee all year long too. And love that bag too! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  12. All holiday everything! Christmas music and lights for the win! I watched my first Christmas movie this weekend and for the first time this season felt really Christmas-y ... I havent been feeling it since Im not decorating for Christmas (I leave the country on 16th and wont be back till 6th so no point). Loving seeing lights on my neighbors houses though!

  13. I love sugar cookies!!! The smell is heavenly. I took advantage of the Bath and Body Works sale as well.

  14. I love coffee anyway I can take it! haha and I've been listening to Christmas music nonstop... and have watched way too many Hallmark movies already! haha and I'm sure NYC is so magical during the Holidays. Have fun on your trip!

  15. I don't really like Christmas music, but I will listen to Mariah allllll day. Thanks for the head's up on the BBW sale! NYC IS magical during the holidays- when are you going? I missed you guys last time!

  16. I love Christmas music and listen to it early, like Marie, but TOTALLY agree that public places and radio stations only play the same five songs, like Jenn. Haha! I've made my own playlists so I can mix it up a bit. I love that purse and am so envious of your trip to NYC. I went once for Thanksgiving and got a teeny, tiny taste of Christmas, but need to go back when it's in full swing. Have a blast!


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