Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekending-Oh sNOw

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It was another boring weekend. 
To be honest, I haven't been feeling quite like myself.
Seeing as I work six days a week, I have to commute into the city six days a week as well.
Thanks to the SNOW, it has made my commute quite hellish.
My commute usually takes me about 20-30 minutes.
Now, it takes me up to 2.5 hours and I only live 15 miles from the city center.
It's frustrating, annoying, and tiring 
It has left me flat out exhausted and really irritable. 
And that is just getting myself into work, getting home is whole other story.

It has always been important to me that I don't live that far from work because I do not like a long commute. I don't know how people who live an hour away do it. I just can't. 
Seriously, those who commute that far, how do you do it? Are you constantly tired? 

Speaking of snow, as I was walking to my part time job the other day, I walked thru the Boston Common and Boston Public Gardens and was just overwhelmed with all the snow.
I did think to myself, the snow is really pretty even though it has caused so many other problems. I couldn't help but stop and take pictures. Really the snow is so pretty but at the some time I want it to go far far away. 

See, isn't it pretty??
It's time for it to move on or just simply melt.
Spring cannot come soon enough.
Plus, I'm sick of shoveling!!
I have shoveled more in the last few weeks than I have had to in years!
I loved having a balcony not anymore.
If I have to shovel that thing one more time, I might lose it.

Do you like to shovel?? Do you love the snow??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie

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  1. I'm having the same feelings! So blah about the snow but for different reasons - I don't have a commute, but 2 tiny kids who you can't really take outside in this weather and we're all going a little bonkers. Yesterday was a nice preview of warmer temps that will someday come.

  2. I think you just have to keep telling yourself that there is an end and that spring is coming...even the warmer temps this weekend made us realize that even if we are going into a deep freeze tonight!! I'm sorry your commute has been so terrible! :( xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Snow is the WORST. I am so over it. Hang in there girl. It will be over soon!

  4. It's pretty, but I'm over it. I would be totally worn down and out from a commute that long. I hope it goes back to normal soon.

  5. Trade you snow for mud? I'd looooove all that snow. We've just got cold temps and rain in Charleston and I'm of the opinion if it's going to be lower than 38 degrees it better be snowing.

    As for the commute thing, yeah I totally would go nuts. I've always lived with a 30 minute drive of my work, I only lived 10 minutes away in MD and that was walking out my front door to walking in the office.

  6. Visiting from the link up! I can relate to your commuting woes, I live about half an hour from work and usually I don't mind the drive but the past few weeks with the weather it's been exhausting. It seems like I've driven home in bad weather at least once a week which basically doubles the time it takes me to get home. I am so ready for all the snow to melt and stay away!

  7. It does look pretty in the pictures, but I totally sympathize with being OVER the snow! It's so depressing to have to trudge through the big, icy mess every day :(

  8. I am so over it, and starting to feel like Spring is coming. Not sure why since it lightly snowed on Saturday but I am feeling like it's coming!

  9. I love snow and I think it is absolutely beautiful! With that being said, I like it the "southern" way...once or twice a year, not too much and it only sticks around for a day or so hahahah! I hope it warms up for you guys soon!

  10. I hope you get some reprieve from the constant snow soon! It really is pretty though!

  11. Ugh! I cannot even imagine girl! I can tell you that driving in bad weather conditions are really stressful for me, so I totally understand. I hope it warms up for you soon! xoxo

  12. i love snow, but it's never lasted more than 4 or 5 days here, and it only snows once or twice a year (atlanta)


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