Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hump Day Confessions

Linking up with Melissa.

I confess....

...that it makes me crazy when there is a long line at the Coffee Shop.

...that when you are almost to the front of the line, the person in front of you, who has also been standing in line, can't decide what to order. 
Why weren't you thinking about that while you stood in line?

...that I cannot stand when people slurped their coffee especially when in the elevator.

...that at times I get really bad road rage.

Why are you driving with your blinker on for miles???
Can you not hear the blinker noise??
Or is that it just bothers me?

...that I plan my outfits for the week on Sunday.
I keep a list of them in my phone.

...that it drives me crazy when I have to switch my planned outfit due to the weather conditions. Yea, I'm talking to you snow!

...that I do not like when people are late.
I'm almost never late and if I am, it's someone's fault.
Talking to you JenniSixx.

...that I haven't read the book 50 Shades of Grey but I will probably see the movie when it's on TV.

...that I love going to the bookstore to read magazines. 
Love that you can read them for free.

What are your confessions this week??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie

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  1. OMG COFFEE LINES. I can't deal with them. Especially when like you said, the person in front of you can't make up their damn mind. #notimeforthat

  2. i can't deal with people in any line when they get to the front and don't know what they want. its like wtf were you doing for the last 10 minutes?!

  3. I hate when people are late as well... especially if I had to rush to meet them so that I wouldn't be late... Long lines make me crazy, long traffic makes me psychotic! lol

  4. I can't stand when people are late, my time is precious. I read the 50 Shades books but would probably wait till it comes out on Redbox to see it.

  5. How do you NOT hear your blinker?! Is your radio that loud? If you're that hard of hearing, I feel like you're a hazard on the road and if you are wearing earbuds while driving I might stab you with my eye-daggers. Learn to drive people!

  6. I have terrible road rage!! It doesn't help we have the worst drivers in SC! Reading magazines at the bookstore is genius. Magazines can be so expensive, especially since you read them in minutes!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  7. We used to hang out at Barnes and Noble all the time. We'd get coffee and sit on comfy chairs and read magazines. I loved it! I hate when people are late! Not once or twice or with a good reason, but people that are chronically late and don't give a crap about it. I've started telling one friend to meet me 1/2 hour earlier than she's supposed to and she's still sometimes 5-10 minutes late. That's 40 minutes late! It doesn't even faze her and she doesn't apologize. I hate it! Sorry, rant over. Haha!

  8. Long lines at coffee shops are the woooooooooooooooooooooooooorst! Just want my coffee.

  9. Love that you have a list of what you'll wear for the week in your phone - that's so smart because half my time in the morning goes to figuring it out!! xo, Biaan - BlovedBoston

  10. Ugh it is one thing to take a second to order if you just walked up but to have stood in line? Get your life together people!!! I spend way too many mornings changing outfits 20 times before I leave for work. It is so stupid.

  11. oh my I do plan my outfits the day before, but a week I bet that can be challenging. I have no desire to read 52 Shades of Grey but do want to see the film, but mainly because a one Jamie Durnan is in it.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  12. I need to figure out how to plan my outfits, it would definitely make my mornings so much easier.
    I get quite a bit of road rage too, I try not to.. but some drivers just make me so angry ha ha.

  13. It drives me crazy to have long lines anywhere haha. Also I agree with the being annoyed when people are late. So annoying!!!

  14. I LOVE Sam Smith! I am so glad he won several Grammys!!! :)


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