Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Favorite Things-Holiday Link Up Party

Linking up with Liz Elise, Katie, and Zelle.

My Christmas Wish List 

Christmas List

It was really hard coming up with things I want for Christmas.
Honestly, I don't really need anything.
Plus, if I want something, I will just go buy it. 
Actually, I do usually buy myself a few Christmas gifts.
From me to me.

I do prefer gift cards to presents 
as I'm very picky and like to pick out my own things.
Unless, of course, the gift is from my list, then it is ok.

We don't really exchange presents anymore in my family
 but we do exchange stockings.

For me, stocking stuffers are the best. 
See my picks, next week.

What's on your Chrismas List??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Mree

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  1. That bag is gorgeous!! Is it navy because I love that color for a purse!!

  2. I need that Givenchy bag!!! AMAZING!!! Great picks, lady!

  3. A Starbucks card made my list too. Being fully caffeinated is at the top of my priority list. Love the pouch, and the bracelet, and the purse. Love it all!

  4. I never have a hard time picking out stuff for my birthday or Christmas ;) lol

    I love that purse!!! Amazing!

  5. I've been toying around with seeing if my family members want to do stockings only versus full gifts (my mom/dad/sisters/brothers-in-law). I mean, that's the best part of Christmas anyway! :)

  6. i love that bag!! so pretty. xo jillian

  7. Starbucks gift card is ALWAYS on ALL of my gift lifts!

  8. That purse is so pretty, and the wallet would go perfect with it. I have scarves and socks on my list. Haha!

  9. You can never go wrong with Starbucks gift cards!

  10. I am the exact same way! Making a Christmas list is hard because when I want something and it's on sale I'm like I'm not waiting until Christmas! ;-) That purse is gorgeous! I've never heard of that bracelet line before so pretty!

  11. So I pretty much want everything on your favorite things list, could we be any more similar!? It's just scary (but clearly you have fab taste!) xo

  12. Loving that XOXO purse - and the Starbucks card would fit inside it perfectly :)

  13. A Starbucks booyah! I put this down on my wish list for my secret santa or a gift card to Birch Box or Sephora

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  14. Starbucks giftcards always win in my book!!! :)

  15. love that givenchy purse and you can never have enough money on a starbucks card!!


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