Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Morning Gossip & Weekending

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My weekend consist of much of nothing. 
I spent the day at the Beach on Saturday.
What a gorgeous day it was!!

Sunday, I worked. 
While I was working, I came across the winter coats!
Say what?? Already??
Yes, winter coats start hitting the stores in July and yes, people DO buy them!

Sunday night, JenniSixx and I had dinner with our Mom.
After a long day at work, drinks were needed before dinner!

This is my first time doing this and I'm so EXCITED!!!
Seriously, I have been wanting a pair of Tieks.
They are so cute and comfortable.
Don't you want to win a pair??

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Happy Monday!! 
Oh why does Monday come so quickly.
Weekends so need to be longer.

Please check out the giveaway!!

Best, Mree

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  1. Our Saturday's were so similar!! I can believe that people would buy winter jackets in July - I'm one of them!! On the hunt for a new one since my current one has seen better days!! Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

  2. Which beach did you go to? I bought Tieks in the spring and they were so uncomfortable on my feet. I was so bummed!

  3. Looks like you had a perfect beach day!

  4. It was gorgeous here too. I have family visiting in town from Paris and we went to beach as well as sight seeing all over the city. And yep time to start thinking of winter coats, sounds crazy but if you not a popular size, the earlier the better.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  5. Looks like perfect beach weather. Winter coats?! What?! Just no, too soon!!

  6. I am soooo looking forward to this vacation this weekend! Even though it doesn't involve the beach at least I will be not working lol

  7. Oh man I'm not ready to think about winter clothes :/ Glad you got some beach time in.

    Thanks for linking up :)


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