Monday, October 7, 2013

JenniSixx's Fall Favorites

 Hi All, It's JenniSixx here and I'm taking over the blog today! 

Anyone who knows me knows that Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  
I love the cool crisp fresh weather, the foliage, and most of all HALLOWEEN! I wish it could be “Fall/Halloween time” all year round! Below is a list of my favorite things about the season!

Here are my Fall Favorites.

~HOODIE weather~
My favorite outfit is jeans and hoodies! I have a closet filled with just jeans, t-shirts (mostly black) and hooded sweatshirts.

~PSL- Pumpkin Spice Lattes~

 I was never really a big fan of Starbucks, til my twinie introduced me to Pumpkin Spice Lattes. OMG, they are the most amazing drink ever! Starbucks is the only coffee shop that makes it so yummy! Others have tried, but none can compare!

~Apple picking~

Ever since I was a child, I always enjoyed going apple picking. I loved that I was able to climb trees and not get in trouble! My grandmother hated that I loved climbing them when I was little. But every time we went apple picking, it was ok! Who doesn’t love climbing as high as you can, and picking a juicy apple, and eating it!? So much fun!

~Apple Cider Donuts~

 No apple picking day is complete, unless you get warm apple cider donuts! The smell while they are baking is just amazing! I always wait until they come out from the oven, to grab some. Who wants a cold apple cider donut!? It’s just not the same unless it’s hot or warm.
~Pumpkin patches! I love running in them, and spending time looking for the one perfect pumpkin! So awesome!

As much as I enjoy staring at the ocean for hours, there is nothing like beautiful tree leaves changing color! I spend hours, just walking around and looking at this amazing gift that Mother Nature gives us every fall.


Best Holiday Ever! Way better then Christmas! I love everything about this holiday! The decorations, the costumes, the CANDY! HEAVEN!! As soon as September 1st comes around, that’s when I start decorating my house! I am always on the hunt for Halloween decorations. I hit up as many stores as I can. Lately, my favorite store to go to is TJ Maxx, for some reason, they have some great Halloween decorations! I am still deciding on what to get dressed up as this year. Last year, I waited a little too long to get a costume, but I ended up making one at home and I have to say it came out really great! There really isn’t a need to spend a lot of money on a costume. A little imagination goes a long way! Halloween candy! Snack size goodness in chocolate! My favorite is plain Hershey bars! DELISH!! No Halloween season is complete without a trip to Salem, MA. I used to go to Salem every Halloween night! It was so much fun! Just dressing up and walking around taking in all the sites and costumes. Now I try to go the weeks leading up to Halloween. It’s just gotten so big lately, that traffic is a nightmare and it’s just way over crowed. Maybe I’m just getting older, but the last thing I want to do after working all day is sit in a crazy amount of traffic, fight for a parking space, and deal with crowds. Salem is fun any time of year. But being there around Halloween is seriously magical.

 Those are my Fall Favorites! 
Do you have a favorite season? Thanks for reading! 
Enjoy this weather, winter is coming SOON!  
Best, JenniSixx
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  1. You got me all excited for fall! I love wearing my boots and decorating my home with pumpkins :)
    Happy Monday!
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  2. Thanks Suzanne! It's such a great time of year! Enjoy!!

  3. All of the activities sound amazing! The West Coast def misses out when in comes to fall!


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