Monday, May 20, 2013

Double Trouble in the City

Weekend in NYC with the Twins.

Here are some pictures of the trip.

View from our Hotel in Soho


Cute Town House-West Village

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Hell's Kitchen to the left, Times Square to the right


Central Park  
Columbus Circle
Alice & Olivia Suitcase and Goyard Tote

It's always trouble when JenniSixx and I go visit NYC. Why, you ask? Well, we both shop until we (literally) drop. We spent the weekend shopping, visiting friends, eating, and more shopping.  To be honest, we have a love/hate relationship with the city. While we love to go visit friends and do a little (ok, in our case, alot) of shopping, navigating the city can be overwhelming. The traffic is bad, that it is easier to walk or take the train. However, taking the train can be quite difficult, if you do not know the system and one can get easily lost. Like we did at 2AM. We can laugh now, but at the time we were both really upset. Oh, and to make it worse, it was pouring out so walking or getting a cab was impossible.
Things like this always happen to us.

NYC, we will back!!
Hopefully, we will learn the train system.

Are you a fan of NYC?
Let us know, we love hearing from you!!
Best, Mree & JenniSixx

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  1. Such a fun trip! I cannot wait to go back!!!

  2. aww love this! haven't been to NYC in years but want to visit so badly!! looks like you had a fabulous time :) laduree <3 <3 <3! your travel accessories are tres chic! :)

  3. FUN! I have always wanted to go to NYC, never been. You pictures make me want to visit even more. Great shots :)

  4. Great pics! I need to go back. And I am dying for some Coffee Bean... love that place!

  5. Great pictures, hope one day I visit NYC

  6. I love walking around the west village and looking at the cute town houses!


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