Monday, October 29, 2012

Coach Classics

Many moons ago, I was very into Coach. I had a bunch of their bags which all have since gone onto new homes. The leather on them was like buttah (butter). As I got a little older, my love for coach faded, I didn't like the new look of the bags. They became way to trendy for me and I didn't like all the logos.  Now that the classics have been reintroduced, I'm all over them!!!

City Bag

Willis Bag

Ramblers Bag

I'm LOVING the Coach Classics. I especially love the color, British Tan.  It's a great neutral color that gets better and better over time. Nothing like an aged tan bag.

I wouldn't mind adding to any of the above to my closet.
The leather on them looks fantastic and since they are the classics they won't go out of style. 

Are you a fan of the Coach Classics?
 Let me know, I love hearing from you!
Best, M.

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  1. you know it's funny i was never much into coach either!! even when everyone and their mom was.. but i've always seen ppl w/ the vintage city coach bags and couldn't help but think they were so equestrian and chic looking haha :p hrmm.. maybe i might make an exception for the city bag hahah :p

    1. I think the city bag is my favorite!! It may have to come home with me one day.

  2. I"m not always a Coach fan, but their leather bags like these are just gorgeous!! Great picks!


  3. I love that second bag! Coach is sort of hit or miss for me recently. I love these solid bags but I'm not crazy about some of the logo/patterned bags


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