Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Newburyport, MA

JenniSixx and I went up to Newburyport the other day. It's a quaint coastal town north of Boston, about forty minutes from the city. The downtown shopping district is picturesque and home to some very cute boutique shops.

Market Square Newburyport

Photos by Mree
One of the reasons I like going to Newburyport is to walk around and go in and out of all the cute boutique's. They range from high end stuff to cheap little trinkets. My favorite stores are Modern Mille (a vintage store with great sales) and The Best of British which sells imported goods from the UK. Newburyport is also home to Winfrey's Fudge. Not only do they have yummie fudge but they also sell chocolates and candies.

If you are looking for a quaint coastal town with out the crowds, Newburyport is the place. There is also a bunch of restaurants that are excellent. My favorite being the Grog and Michael's Harborside.

Have you been Newburyport?
Let me know, I love hearing from you!
Best, M.

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