Monday, March 5, 2012

Kevin Aucoin Beauty

Last weekend I visited Barney's New York in NYC on Madison Avenue. While I have been to the store a few times before, I had never been to their beauty department. The beauty department is on the lower level (basement for us New Englanders).  I was taken aback at how small and cramped it was. Turns out, they are in the process of a renovation. 

Barney's carries the latest makeup brands as well as small hard to find brands. I had been wanting to try Kevin Aucoin's line. It's a small hard to find line, I was very happy to come across it at Barneys. The brand is carried on but not at every brick and motar location. The Makeup Artist, Jason, was happy to explain the brand to me and show me how to apply it correctly. He had me sit down and he went to work. After a few minutes, I couldn't get over it. My face looked fawless but very natural looking. 

Of course, I had to buy all the items he used so that i could re-create this look at home. 
Sensual Skin Enhancer 
The Flesh Tone Lip Pencil
The Liquid Patent Lip

Pure Powder Glow

Super Soft Buff Powder Brush

Blush and Powder Brush
The Eyelash Curler
I was quite scared to try this at home, ALONE. However, with Jason's tips, I was able to pretty much re-create the look he had given me. I was AMAZED. The best part being, the makeup actually lasted all day!!
I highly reccommend this brand. If you are in Barneys in NYC, check them out. Ask for Jason.

Kevin Aucoin Beauty can be found at and

Have you tired Kevin Aucoin Beauty?? Did you like it?

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