Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bye Bye Winter

Winter barely showed up this year. No big snow storms, no bitter cold windy days, no nothing. As someone who loves winter, I was quite disappointed. I'm probably one of the few who really loves winter. I love to walk around all bundle up. Yeah, I'm crazy. 

Everyday I try to get out and walk around the city, even on those bitter cold days.  With the weather expected to be nice all week, I'm looking forward to getting out and taking more pictures. I took these pictures on my walk last week . 


The trees are still bare and the grass isn't green but it will be soon. There weren't too many people walking around while I took these pictures, which was nice. It was as if I had the city to myself.  Soon, the city will be filled with people.  Spring time is so pretty here in Boston and one of the best times to visit.

Where do you like to visit in the Spring?


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