Thursday, February 23, 2012

Henri Bendel Cosmetic Bags

It's no secret that I love bags, all of them, big or small. My love of bags also extends to cosmetic bags. I cannot get enough of them. Who knows how many I actually have. Right now I have about two boxes filled with them. My favorite ones are from Henri Bendel. They come in various shapes and sizes.
Centennial Stripe Small Wedge Cosmetic Bag 
Centennial Stripe Medium Cosmetic Bag 
Centennial Stripe Large Hanging Weekender Bag 
Centennial Stripe Large Hanging Weekender Bag Inside 
Centennial Stripe Jewelry Roll

Centennial Stripe Pill Box 

Aren't they super cute?? These bags hold up quite well, are washable but also very roomy. They fit more than you would think. And they aren't heavy. Nothing worse than a having a heavy cosmetic bag in your purse. 

Check them out at 

What do you carry your makeup in? Do you have a favorite cosmetic bag?

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