Friday, March 3, 2017

Five on Friday

Woohoo, the weekend is here.
Let's get right to my Five for Friday.

It's Quiet Uptown-Kelly Clarkson, Hamilton Mixtape.

This song is hauntingly beautiful
and I have been listening to it non-stop.

This is Us

Hands down one of the BEST shows EVER!
If you are not watching it, you are completely missing out.
Watch it.  It will make you laugh, it will make you
hard ugly cry that may give you an asthma attack but
it is so worth it!! It's one of the few shows
that really truly shows you real life. Just watch it!!


How great are these slip on sneakers??
I saw them when I was at Target and knew I had to have them.
The color is so pretty and they are really comfortable.
Perfect for spring!!

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

I just finished this book and loved it. It is a story inside a story
that will keep you guessing until the end. It's about a little girl who
was abandoned and taken in by a family. It wasn't until her 
21st birthday that she finds out the truth. She spends her adult life 
trying to find out who she really is and why she was abandoned. 
I could hardly put this book down.
One of the best books, I have read in awhile.
The Forgotten Garden


You learn more from failure than success.
Don't be afraid of failure.

That is my Five for Friday.
This weekend I'm going for eyelash extensions.
I already had them and only one person noticed them.
I don't think they stand out on me because I wear
glasses. haha. We shall see.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!

What caught your eye this week??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie 

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  1. I bought a pair of blush slip on sneakers from steve madden that I found at TJ Maxx and i can't stop wearing them - or I should say the weather stops me from wearing them! Happy Friday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I am SO happy to see your blog back up and running!! HOORAY for that, and for Friday too of course! ;) The is Us is so good! One of my favorite series in a long time! Those sneakers are the cutest! Have a beautiful first weekend of March, Marie! xo - Brenda //

  3. those slip-ons are so nice but I`d be so afraid of wearing them because they`d get so dirty!

  4. That last quote! Oh my gosh I love that. What an awesome reminder.

  5. I am obsessed with this is us. So sad there was no episode this week. Also, those sneaks are fab my friend just got them and I totally need to order them!

  6. whoooo - those slip on sneakers are at Target?? Oh snap - I know where I need to go this weekend!

  7. Oooh your eyelash extensions will be so pretty!! I almost got those slip ons at Target today! They were out of my size but now that I know they are comfy, I think I'll get them online. Did you know there are only 2 episodes left this season of This Is Us, I bawled like a baby when Randall's dad died. Soooo good!! Wishing you a weekend as sweet as you are!!

  8. Love This is Us, it's seriously the best!!! Those shoes are super cute!!! And that book sounds awesome, definitely adding it to my list!

  9. I love those blush sneakers and I am seeing them everywhere. I need them. I LOVE This is Us and I am so sad when it isn't on (like last week).

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