Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Five-Skin Care

I cannot believe that it is Friday,
and it is almost the end of August.
It is as if I blinked and summer is over. 
Time really does fly.

I thought I would shake it up for my Friday Five.
Change is good right??

Today, I'm sharing my five new favorite skin care products.


My friend told me how awesome this stuff was and how
great a job it did at removing her makeup.
Honestly, I thought she wascrazy but I went out and bought it.
Oh man, I was wrong. This stuff removes all your makeup
 without leaving your face dry.  It even removes
 my waterproof eye makeup!!


I got this in one of my Play by Sephora's Box.
I'm not really sure what this stuff does but
I put it on at night before my moisturizer
and I wake up with beautiful, radiant soft skin. 
As it is a bit drying, I only use it every other night
but wow what a difference in my skin now 
that I started using it.  I love this stuff.


I'm obsessed with this mask.
This stuff makes my pores look so much better.
In the summer, my biggest problem is my enlarged pores
and they make me crazy. Since, I have been using 
this stuff, my pores haven't been giving me any trouble
and you can hardly see them. They are so small now.
Plus, I love peeling it off. Sick, I know.


Let The Good Times Roll by Lush

I'm loving this cleanser by Lush.
Normally, I'm not a fan of natural products
because I find them to be drying. However,
this stuff is fantastic. It's not drying at all.
In fact, it's really hydrating and makes my skin so soft.
The only downside is that is smells so good, I just want to eat it. 
What a problem, right? 


Shiseido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream

I have been using Clinique All About Eyes for years 
but lately my dark circles have been worse than ever.
I have been putting this eye cream on top of all about eyes
and my dark circles have been getting lighter and lighter.
Who knew layering eye cream would help?
I totally can see a difference now that I'm using 
two eye creams. I think the all about eyes hydrates
and this one actually lightens the dark circles.
Used together, my dark circles (the bane of my existence)
have diminished so much.

Neiman Marcus

Those are the new skin care products that I have 
been using lately and loving.  You only 
have one face, so it's important to
practice good skin care. And never
ever go to bed with makeup on. I always
wash my face before bed, no matter how 
tired I am. I cannot sleep if I don't have
a clean face.

That is my Friday Five.
I'm going to see Aaron Tveit
tomorrow night in concert and I'm so excited!!!
I couldn't even tell you the last concert I went to,
it has been that long. 

Have a Wonderful Weekend.

Do you have any new skin care products you like? 
Please, tell me all about them.

Best, Marie 

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  1. I've always had really clear skin without doing shit but now that I'm approaching 30 I feel like I should probably actually get myself a skin care routine.

  2. I love that.."you only have one face", !! Glad I am not the only one who finds natural products drying. I got a Shisheido eye cream at TJ maxi and love it. That Snoppy meme makes me wanna get an ice cream cone today. ;-) Have a sweet and fun weekend gorgeous!!

  3. I am so bad at skin care stuff. I love seeing what people recommend.

  4. Awesome round up! Glam Glow masks wins all the prizes, and I can't rave enough about micellar water! Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. Ohhhh I love Shiseido stuff!!! And Lush stuff!!! I can use Lush right now but had to quit all the other stuff because of baby so I cant wait to try all the fun masks and stuff when it is safe again. The Miceller water was just ok for me. I felt like I had to use a good three or four cotton pads (at least) to get everything off and it left my face feeling red. But so many people love it so I think its just my crazy skin. I hope you have a great weekend! Oh and I meant to tell you that your last comment on my blog on Wednesdays post went to my spam so I am sorry I wasn't able to answer back :( I wasn't ignoring you! Silly technology huh?

  6. my under eye circles / darkness is so bad i will have to try both of those products. i have never tried any lush products. i use the garnier water, and it works, but it stings my eyes :( the good genes stuff sounds intriguing!

  7. I have really bad pores too, so I'm definitely interested in that mask! I haven't tried that micellar water, but I really love the one by Simple.

  8. I have heard wonderful things about this Good Genes Treatment. Good to know you like it and also about the every other night. I'm going to have to check it out! Have a great weekend!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  9. Oh I need to try some of these. I love Lush products and that one is one of my favorites!

  10. Love micellur water! Can I use the GlamGlow firming mask on my butt? Haha! Happy Weekend!

    Ashley //

  11. Yeah Sunday Riley has some great products for sure.

    Allie of

  12. These sound like some great skin care products! I'll definitely have to check them out. I'm all about the eye cream for dark circles.

  13. there are 2 lines that I use -- eminance organics and a local organic brand called Pure and Simple. I also use organic argan oil and rosehip oil. i've seen a significant change in my skin since i switched to these brands.

  14. And I want to try it all - great options!!!


  15. Hope you had a great weekend! I can't believe it's almost SEPTEMBER! Holy Toledo!! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  16. I really want to try that cleanser by Lush. Thank you for the review!
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