Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wish List Wednesday-Makeup Organization

A + R Store Balsabox
The Container Store

I was perusing Pinterest recently and came across this board. It inspired this week's wish list. I totally need some nice makeup organizer and display it on my bathroom vanity or my dresser. What a brillant idea and it would make my life so much easier. These days, I'm all about being organized. Less headaches. I wouldn't mind each organizer! Ha! I'm so greedy, one won't do. One for the bathroom, one for my bedroom and perhaps one displayed in my entry way!! ha!

What's on your wish list?
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Mree

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  1. These are so cute! I have akryl for make up :)

  2. Funny, I just thought about reorganizing things and actually thought of the containter store and wondered if they had anything I could use, and you are now actually posting this. :) I just need it all very simple...and affordable. ;)


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