Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wish List Wednesday- JenniSixx Edition

Wish List Wednesday

I'm wishing for...

JenniSixx here, taken over the blog today to shake things up a bit. Also, to add some Rock & Roll to this pink palace here!! heehee

First up on my wishlist is Dior Sunglasses. I LOVE big glasses. You know what they say, Go Big or Go Home! Love these glasses.

Second on my wishlist is The Tripp Sweater! I love it! I have other Tripp sweaters and they are very comfortable and I love the rock n roll feel to them! Perfect for me.

Next up is a skull dress! I know I know, I almost NEVER wear a dress, but this one is just so cute! I could wear it with black leggings. I think it would be a great different look for me! I know Mree would be so happy, cause it would so girly of me! 

Every great dress needs a great pair of shoes! And what better then a pair of Alexander McQueen skull flats! Some people think it would be overkill on the skulls! I am not some of those people! I think these shoes would look perfect with the dress! 

Now to complete the skull dress outfit, I need an AMAZING clutch! I have found one! I am obsessed with anything Alexander McQueen! I love his stuff! I would literally kill for this clutch! It’s bad ass and would just make this outfit that much more awesome!

What do you think of my Wishlist?
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, JenniSixx

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  1. Its all cute but especially love the flats and sweater!

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