Monday, October 15, 2018

Truth and Twins

The other day, Jenn and I, were sitting in traffic talking 
about  blog ideas, when she came up
 with Truth and Twins. 

 We are going to throw out a bunch of truths and one lie. 
 See, if you can spot the truth from the lie. 
 And to make it even better, which 
twin it applies to! 

Let's go!!

I signed the inside of the Green Monster at Fenway Park.

A passenger on a flight once came up to me to ask me what
movie I was watching during the flight, because he heard me
laughing the entire flight!

In school, I never did any homework because my twin 
did it for me.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a professional
wrestler.  I practiced my moves on my twin.

I caught a foul ball at Yankee Stadium.

I got separated from my twin on the tube in London and had
a complete meltdown and starting crying on the train.

When I was younger, I use to cut my own hair.

I use to get sick every Christmas Eve and spent many
Christmas Eve's in the ER. And I always freak out that
Santa wasn't gonna come because I wasn't home.

When I was in College, I got really sick on New Years Eve and 
was home alone. My whole family came home at 11:45, so I wouldn't
be home alone for midnight, except for my twin! 
She did NOT come home.

One New Years Eve, I drunk dialed my boss. He picked
up because he thought something happened.

I believed in Santa until I was 12.

I was in a music video.

I jumped off a swing and broke my ankle.
I had been told repeatedly not to do this.

Now, we should say that some of these
apply to both twins, so the answer is twins.
Leave your answers below in the comments.
We love hearing from you!!

Good Luck!!

Marie & Jenn

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Current Makeup Faves

If you have been reading here for awhile, then you know
that I'm a makeup junkie. I will try anything once! 
Today, I'm sharing my current makeup faves.

What sold me on this was that it has
pro-retinol in it which is great for those fine 
lines around the eye area. I have been using this
as a primer under my eyes and really like it. I helps
brighten and keep my concealer in place. 

Kiehl's Youth Dose Eye Treatment

Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser
I got this as a sample in my Play! by Sephora box and
 really like how creamy it was. It takes all my 
makeup off and leaves my skin 
feeling nice and soft. Plus, it smells really good.

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum
I have been hearing so much about how Vitamin
C is good for you skin, I just had to get some for myself to try.
This stuff is legit. I use it every other night and really
feel that my skin is clear and brighter. Be warned, it can be
drying, so only use a little bit.

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Creme
I picked this up on a whim and I'm so glad I did.
I use it as my night time eye cream. When I wake up,
the eye area is definitely brighter. Plus, this smells
really good. It should be noted that this eye cream
is not very hydrating, some nights I put this over
my La Mer cream. I pretty much use La Mer
all over my face and body. For me, it works the
best. Although, I do hate the price of it. But it 
works so well for me, it's worth it.

Rodin Luxury Face Oil 
This stuff is as Lux as one can get. But man, 
it's Ah-Mazing. I got a free sample of it
and loved it so much I had to buy it. It makes
me feel so luxurious. During the day, I use a little  of it
as a highlighter.  I put it on at night and 
wake up to a face as smooth as a baby's bottom.
Love Love this stuff.

This is my go to lip liner. It's a rosy-nude color
that goes with everything. I wear it with my pink lipsticks and
 my nude lipsticks.  It's such a pretty color.
 If you like a rosy-nude lip, this is the lip liner
for you. 

Marc Jacobs Poutliner in Primrose.

If you are fair with blueish under eye circles,
this is the best corrector for you!  I have tired almost every 
corrector on the market and this one works the best for me. 
 In fact sometimes, I only need to put this on and my
horrible dark circles are gone.
I love this stuff so much!! 

I will be honest, I have never been a fan of stick foundations.
So, when my friend recommended this, I was very skeptical.
However, much to my surprise, I love love this foundation.
 It is completely seamless. Every time I wear it,
 people comment on how good my skin looks.
It's this foundation. It's pricey but the glow it gives, 
makes it worth it.

Tom Ford

This is hands down one of the best
highlighters. I love how it goes on and stays on.
It goes on smoothly and blends so nicely.
I use in the color Quartz and love it.
And it only costs $18.00!! Can't beat that.

I have a love/hate relationship with powder. Most
loose powders don't work for me as they leave me
a cakey mess. However, this one leaves me glowing
without that heavy or cakey feel.  It's great for my sometimes dry skin.
I just use a little on my t-zone and I'm set of the day. 

Armani Loose Highlighting Powder

Those are my current makeup faves. I do
realize I spend alot on makeup and skin care
but my belief is, you only have one face so 
it's best to take care of it, the best you can. Plus,
I feel like my face is a worthy investment. I cut 
corners in other places to indulge in my makeup
habits. For instance, I hardly ever buy lunch.
I bring it from home almost every day.
That alone saves me a ton of money. I couldn't get over
how much I saved a week by bringing in my own lunch.
So that savings, goes to my makeup!! It's 
all about checks and balances, right??

Do you have any new makeup
faves to share?? Let me know, I love
 hearing from you!!


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Wednesday, October 3, 2018


I will be the first person to say I never really shopped on Amazon.
 I never understood the obsession with it. 
Well, I'm here to say that I'm converted!!

I have found myself on Amazon, placing an order, and 
then another order.

Here are some the things I have recently purchased and 
really love! Things I haven't been able to find in a store
Here are the items I have purchased. 

Purse Gummy
These straps stop the straps on your purse from falling off. 
The are amazing and I'm obsessed with them.
This purse organizer is a GAME changer.  
Probably one of the best ones I have ever purchased.
 It's sturdy and has pockets for days. It also 
has a spot for my water bottle, which is so fantastic. 
Now, my water bottle isn't rolling on the 
bottom of my bag.
These shoes are THE BEST flats, 
I have ever owned. They has built in
arch support which are removable.
Oh and you can wash these.
They are also really good in the rain.

I'm obsessed with eye masks and use them
almost every day. These are fantastic!! These
are for those of us with dry under eye area.
I still use these ones but only a few
nights a week. 

I picked up this primer, thanks to Biana's
recommendation. So far, I'm loving it and I love 
the price.

Foot Cream
 I put this cream on before bed, focusing on my heels
 and I wake up with soft hydrated feet. It's like having 
a pedicure every night.  If you have dry cracked feet,
this stuff is amazing and it does work!! I love love 
this stuff and use it every night. My feet have never
looked or felt better. 

I drink ICED cold water all day long and 
had been looking for a cup that my ice wouldn't melt.
When I'm at work, I prefer to drink out of a cup
rather than my swell bottle. Enter my YETI
Best cup ever. The ice literally lasts all day!!
Love this cup!! 

I still love shopping brick and mortar stores but I totally
 get why everyone is obsessed with Amazon.  They do
sell things that are hard to find in stores. I totally
get all the Amazon hype and I'm here to say
I'm a convert. Not 100% but I get it. 

Are you fan of Amazon??
Let me know, I love hearing from you!!
Best, Marie 

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Remember me..TBB Asks. October, Fall 2.0

Hey there!  Remember Me??
Sorry for my disappearance. I basically spent my summer 
 working NON-STOP and well, it was pretty terrible. 
 Hence, the lack of blog posts.  I toyed with the idea of
giving up this little place up as I have debated about it before.
But the reality is I LOVE this little space and
 really missed it and more importantly,
 I missed all of you.

What better way to get back to blogging then
with a little Q and A with the twins...
These posts are always the most popular.

1. Favorite Fall Color? 
Marie- Navy.
Jenn- Purple!   
Always Purple!!

2. Apple Cider HOT or COLD?
Marie- Hot.
Jenn- Hot.

3. Caramel Apple: Yes or No? 
Marie- YES YES!!
Jenn- Hell Yes!!

4. Pumpkin Doughnut or Apple Cider Doughnut?
Marie- Glazed Apple Cider Doughnut.
Jenn- Glazed Apple Cider Doughnut.

5. Long or Short Cardigan?
Marie- Short.
Jenn- Long.

6. Favorite Football or Fall Party Food? 
Marie- Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Jenn- Buffalo Wings and Beef Stew.

7. Orange or White Pumpkins?
Marie- Orange.
Jenn- Orange.

8. Hayride or Bonfire?
Marie- Bonfire.
Jenn- Bonfire.

9. Favorite Fall Baked Good?
Marie- Apple Cake

Apple Cake
Jenn- Pumpkin Squares.

Pumpkin Squares

10. Most anticipated Fall activity? 
Marie- Trip to Vermont.
Jenn- Apple Picking.

Jenn and I are super excited for Fall. I'm still
working all the time but not for much longer. 
Cannot wait to get out and enjoy the crisp
cool days ahead.

Bring on the Sweater Weather!!

Here's hoping the Fall is much 
better than the Summer.

Yay for Fall!!

Now, it's your turn. Leave your
answers below in the comments.

Best, Marie & Jenn

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Monday, July 2, 2018

TBB Asks-July-Vacation Edition

Linking up with The Blended Blogs for a 
another fun little Q and A-

1. Will you go on a a summer vacation this year?
Marie- Probably not but I'm hoping
to take a few days off. 
Jenn- Probably not.

2. Do nothing but relax or a pack it all in vacation?
Marie- Pack it all in with one or two
days with no plans at all.
Jenn- Well, usually I would say pack it all vacation, 
but I’m so stressed out, that I need a just "relax" vacation! 

3. What month do you like to vacation?
Marie- March and September.
Jenn- March.

4. Cruise: YES or NO?
Marie-No, icebergs!! The thought
of being a on big boat in the middle of 
the ocean freaks me out. 
Jenn- Ugh, NO! What Marie said!!
And how do so many people go missing
on cruise ships???

5. Favorite vacation tradition?
Marie- Shopping!!
Jenn- Shopping!!

6. Most memorable vacation? 
Marie- All my trips have been awesome
and I can't say one has been more memorable
than the other.
Jenn-Omg, I have been very lucky in my life, that I have had 
some pretty amazing vacations, but the most memorable one 
was the first time I went to Italy.

7. Pack light or Pack it all?
Marie- Pack it all!!
Jenn-I am a total over packer! 

8. Hotel, Condo or House? 
Marie- Hotel.
Jenn- Hotel.

9. Favorite thing(s) to eat on vacation? 
Marie- Carbs, give me all the carbs.
Jenn-Anything and everything,
it’s vacation! 

10. Warm or Cold Destinations.
Marie- Cold. I don't know 
how to relax so I get bored
at the beach after a few hours.

This is probably one of the first Q and A's
that our answers are mainly the 
same. Haha this is why we travel
so well together!! 

Now, it's your turn, leave your
answers in the comments below.
Best, Marie & Jenn
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Monday, June 11, 2018

Kate Spade

When I heard the news of Kate Spade's death, to say 
I was shocked would be an understatement.  
It knocked the wind out of me. 

The first designer bag I ever purchased for myself was a Kate Spade 
Brown Diaper bag. I had fallen in love with it and didn't care that it was 
a  diaper bag. It was a great tote bag for school and I just loved it.
 It even traveled to Italy with me, where sadly, someone, not 
mentioning any names (Hi, Jenn!!) vomited in her but she managed
 to make it out ok. In fact, the next year she went to Spain. Anyways,
 I loved that bag and carried it for a very long time before she moved
 to another loving home. 

 That bag started my love affair with Kate. I think at one point,
 I had like ten of her bags. Ugh, yes I know, I'm a bag addict!!
 While most, have moved onto new homes,
 I do still have one and will now forever cherish it. 

To the outsider looking in, it appeared that Mrs. Spade had it ALL.
  You really never know what someone is going through, 
the pain they have or the burdens they are carrying. To be in so much pain,
 pain that most cannot fathom nor understand, that you take your own life
 because you think that is a better choice is utterly heartbreaking.  And my 
heart literally breaks for her daughter, only thirteen. Much too young to 
understand and I pray for her because well her life will 
never be the same. 

It's been a year since my dear friend, Teddy, took his own life and the 
pain of that is still very fresh. Pain is a funny thing, some days it's 
manageable and some days it is not. Whenever I hear about one taking
 their own life, a profound sadness over comes me.  And if I'm being honest,
 that sadness stays with me for a bit.  However, I'm forever grateful for the 
time I had with Teddy. I find myself, being more kinder, more patient, 
thinking before I speak, being less judgmental
and smiling more. Thank you Teddy!!

The thing with depression is that is doesn't discriminate.  All the money in the
 world, cannot stop it's destruction. It's still stigmatized and misunderstood. I 
had to stop reading the internet because some of the comments were 
so gross and insensitive.  I wish the world was less judgmental. 
We need more love not more hate.  

A smile as well as kindness go a long way.

If you are having thoughts of suicide,
please contact:

National Suicide Prevention 


The Samaritan's


To Kate Spade, thank you for making 
some of the best purses. You
were  effervescent and will be missed.
May you be at peace.


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